John D. Schulte
Direct Mail Marketing Consultant and Mail Order Expert
International in Scope | Over 30 years experience
Certified by a United States Federal Court as a Direct Marketing and Catalog Expert
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Direct Marketing Skills

Direct marketing is a system not an industry. It works in all areas of business. Its "reach" includes both present and potential customers. Its choices of media—direct mail, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet—are yours to use singly or in combination. The objective can be to acquire inquiries, to connect buyers with sellers, to obtain contributions, to induce people to visit stores or web sites. The single characteristic of all direct marketing success is the ability to trigger a direct action, a measurable action, at the right cost. And it doesn't matter if that action comes via mail, telephone, fax, e-mail, or personal visit.

Using direct marketing methods based on hands-on experience, John Schulte can...

  • Research, gather, and analyze demographic, psychographic and geographic data... to produce new customers

  • Locate viable new retail locations and conduct segmentation analysis

  • Research and analyze the competition—attack their weaknesses and incorporate their strengths

  • Find or devise new products to fit niche markets or devise new ways to sell old products to new markets

  • Develop a customer base for selling products to

  • Create product offers for presentation to niche markets

  • Find or develop new products for your current customer base

  • Design, and develop, list and lead generation systems

  • Develop questionnaires and surveys for research

  • Exploit co-op advertising dollars when available

  • Develop ways to get your message into prospective customers' hands at the lowest possible cost

  • Generate demographic, psychographic, and geographic data from current customers

  • Find market niches that are not fully being exploited

  • Develop tie-ins and create spin-offs

  • Test market products, to specific markets, that hold potential for mass marketing rollouts—at the least possible costs

  • Source and purchase products for marketing

  • Develop and organize co-op promotions

  • Create trademarks and names

  • Develop new retail profit centers

  • Sell, not only products, but ideas

  • Find, or devise, areas of diversification

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