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John Schulte
National Mail Order Association (NMOA)

National Mail Order Association (NMOA) to offer discounted shipping powered by Shipwire

NMOA customers benefit from buying power, price comparisons, and freight capabilities

Minneapolis, MN, August 11th, 2005 - NMOA, a professional organization for the direct marketing industry, announced today the launch of a full-service shipping solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Available immediately via the NMOA Web site, this new offering combines the online capabilities of Shipwire with NMOA's preferred carriers and pricing.

From the NMOA Web site, NMOA customers can now seamlessly ship all their envelopes, packages and freight, to or from more than 80 countries. This is a free service, with no management fees. Businesses pay only for the shipping services they need.

“We are excited to bring the power of the Shipwire platform to the NMOA website,” said Damon Schechter, CEO of LOC Global, which owns and operates Shipwire. “Through this development, NMOA customers can gain access to the breadth and depth of Shipwire's shipping services and the power of Shipwire's technology.”

With NMOA's new service, small businesses can grow faster with:

  • Buying Power
    NMOA is helping group thousands of businesses into a buying pool. This massive buying pool is used to get deep discounts from FedEx, UPS and DHL, as well as others. The result? Businesses save up to 70% on shipping.
  • Price Comparisons
    Many businesses do not know there are thousands of well-respected carriers worldwide, and that FedEx, UPS and DHL charge a massive premium for these same services. With more choices for shipping packages and freight, businesses can choose the most cost-effective option for each shipment.
  • Freight Capabilities
    Businesses can ship heavy/bulky items to and from more than 80 countries, while NMOA's new website guides them through the customs process. Through its affiliation with Shipwire, NMOA has a global service network of more than 170 freight management, warehousing and distribution offices on six continents.

With NMOA, small businesses are shielded from liability with:

  • Damage/Loss Insurance
    Businesses may insure the full declared value of their shipments with us, regardless of the carrier they choose. This means that our insurance coverage will come first, without the carrier deciding coverage, and without a small business having to negotiate with a big carrier.
  • Money Back Guarantee
    Businesses may request a refund or credit if the carrier misses NMOA's quoted delivery time, barring customs delays. For moving goods weighing more than 150 pounds, NMOA's Money Back Guarantee is matched only by FedEx. UPS and DHL make no guarantees. Other carriers charge a premium of 30-50%.
  • Price Protection Policy
    For qualified shipments, businesses may request a refund or credit if they are billed more than NMOA quoted them. This Price Protection Policy is unique in the shipping industry, and is only available through NMOA. It is designed to protect businesses from the hidden fees, monthly charges and overcharges so prevalent with FedEx, UPS and DHL.

When a business needs more administrative savings and in-transit visibility, it can upgrade to a professional account. This free and instant upgrade gives a business three capabilities:

  1. Create Sub-Accounts
    A business can control costs by creating sub-accounts for each branch of its business, and for each supplier that ships to its location.
  2. Add My Pricing
    A business can add its carriers, and its pricing, to specific sub-accounts. If NMOA gets better discounts on a specific shipment, the user can choose the NMOA price.
  3. Add a Credit Line
    A business can receive one detailed monthly bill for all shipping, and monitor multiple users from one central account.

Companies interested in using the discount shipping service may visit the NMOA website at

About The National Mail Order Association (NMOA)
Headquartered in Minneapolis, the NMOA ( is a membership-supported organization founded in 1972 to help small to midsize businesses and entrepreneurs involved in mail order and direct marketing. The NMOA provides education, information, and business contacts worldwide.

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