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John Schulte
National Mail Order Association (NMOA)
2807 Polk Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418
John Schulte


Bad Economy Spurs Home Business Start-ups

After 37 years of following small and home business launches, the National Mail Order Association (NMOA) predicts a new explosion in people starting a business because of layoffs and fears of salary reductions.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, December 19, 2008—Starting a home based business has always been popular in America, and thousands of people do so each year to supplement their income and to escape the rat race of working for someone else.

According to a study prepared for the Small Business Administration (SBA), 53 percent of small businesses in the U.S. are "home based" businesses. And the number of new home businesses is on the rise; according to a report issued by the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of businesses with one or more owners but no paid employees grew nationwide from 17.0 million in 2001 to more than 17.6 million in 2002, a growth rate of 3.9 percent.

But now with the bad economy and thousands of people getting laid off each day or getting a salary reduction, the amount of start-ups will surge out of dire necessity, predicts the National Mail Order Association, (NMOA).

"The NMOA has been around for 37 years, and every time the economy gets bad, we have more people than average contacting us for help and information for starting a new home based business," says John Schulte, NMOA president. "And that's because home businesses are almost always direct marketing and mail order based, able to be started inexpensively, and are not geographically bound—and we are the world's experts on this subject."

Mail order, now commonly referred to as direct marketing, is a trillion-dollar way of conducting business, generating approximately $2.025 trillion in incremental sales in 2007 according to the latest Direct Marketing Association (DMA) report. While sales at brick and mortar stores are declining, and stores are closing, direct marketers are leveraging their advantages for success, especially with on-line sales.

"Mail order is a fantastic way to start a business from home," says Schulte, that's why the NMOA has just updated our book on starting and building a home business from scratch using direct marketing and mail order tactics, titled Direct Marketing Toolkit. "Some of the greatest companies in America are mail order companies that have been started by entrepreneurs at home. And with the advent of the Internet, mail order has been launched into the twenty-first century."

Direct Marketing Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for people needing to get a jump-start on starting a business from home so they can start bringing in extra income right away with fewer mistakes.

Readers of Direct Marketing Toolkit will find easy-to-understand instructions for avoiding scams, determining what to sell, finding wholesale sources, developing new product concepts, selling on the Web, and how to do it all on a shoestring budget.

Detailed information on Direct Marketing Toolkit, the Table of Contents, and ordering information can be found at

About The National Mail Order Association (NMOA)
Headquartered in Minneapolis, the NMOA ( is a membership-supported organization founded in 1972 to help small to midsize businesses and entrepreneurs involved in mail order and direct marketing. The NMOA provides education, information, and business contacts worldwide.

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