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John Schulte
National Mail Order Association (NMOA)

Three Invention Groups to Sponsor Made in America - Hot Product Contest

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, April 16, 2012 -- Three groups that represent inventors in the USA have stepped forward to help sponsor the 2012 Made in America – Hot Product Contest that is being lead by the National Mail Order Association, NMOA.

In an effort to bring more exposure and build sales of unique and interesting products invented and Made in American, the Inventors Center of Kansas City, the Inventors Society of South Florida, and the Tampa Bay Inventors Council have joined with the NMOA to help broadcast the word of this event to inventors across their respective states.

“Inventors need help getting the word out about their products,” says John Schulte, President of the NMOA. “The effort it takes to get a product into production and ready to sell is a massive undertaking, but the cost to market a new product on a national scale makes the invention process seem like a walk in the park. Promotional costs can be staggering, and are way beyond the average inventor’s financial capability. This affects not only the inventor but also me and you as consumers; we get deprived of ever learning of their existence. Thus, we never have a chance to make a purchase, which then affects the economy as a whole.” Schulte notes.

“We need to create a channel of exposure for unique and exciting new products that are invented and made right here in the USA. That’s what this contest is all about.”

“In the grand scheme of things, if we can get the 250 million adults in America to simply redirect just $100 of their normal yearly expenditures towards Made in America products, we can add an extra Twenty-five Billion ($25,000,000,000) to the US economy, and those extra sales mean more jobs to make more products, and that’s something worthwhile to do.” continues Schulte.

“There are thousands of unique and interesting products being invented and made all over America, fantastic products most Americans have never seen, or will see, unless we do something about it. This contest is meant to bring these products into the spotlight for all to see, and vote for.* concludes Schulte.

If you would like to support, or be a co-sponsor of the ‘Made in America – Hot Product Contest’ please contact John Schulte at the National Mail Order Association, by April 20th for details. 612-788-1673 NOTE: Four levels of sponsorship are available. Platinum sponsorships include exclusive exposure. You don’t need cash to be a sponsor. These amounts can be in the way of cash or trade, or combination, or prizes, or equivalent value of exposure/publicity for the contest.

* This year regular Americans will be the contest judges and vote for their favorite products.

PS: Remember, there are over 12 million people all over the USA whose job is directly tied to American manufacturing, from the large companies down to the small mom and pop operation. Please join with the NMOA today in promoting products Made in America. It will be great fun too!

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