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John Schulte
National Mail Order Association (NMOA)

Advertising/marketing guide helps small businesses tap into the lucrative—and expanding—Hispanic market

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, JULY 12, 2005 – With an annual purchasing power of over $500 billion, Hispanic Americans represent a significant opportunity for marketers. Many smaller businesses often lack the resources needed to tap into this lucrative market—until now, according to industry expert John Schulte.

Schulte is chairman of the National Mail Order Association, which has recently released an exclusive master marketer edition of its U.S. Hispanic Advertising & Marketing Guide. “The 654-page guide is filled with facts, figures and—most importantly—contacts to help businesses expand their markets,” says Schulte. “Our guide helps business owners make informed decisions, so they can cost-effectively reach more prospective customers.”

HispanTelligence®, a Hispanic marketing research firm, reports that 2000-2004 Hispanic advertising expenditures remained level at about 2.3 percent of total U.S. advertising expenditures. At the same time, steady gains have been made both in Hispanic purchasing power, from 7.3 percent to 8.5 percent, and Hispanic population, from 12.6 percent to 13.5 percent. According to the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA), only about one-fifth of product categories are currently investing near the correct levels in order to be aligned with Hispanic consumption behavior for their specific categories.

“Like Internet advertising, which peaked in 2000, the Hispanic market is now the next frontier for business marketing,” says Schulte. What’s more, market research has revealed that approximately 40 percent of all Hispanics are mail-order buyers. “This is a tremendous opportunity for businesses,” he notes. “They just need to be pointed in the right direction, and that’s exactly what our advertising and marketing guide does.”

AHAA research shows that Hispanics spend an average of 17.3 hours per week watching Spanish language TV, 12 hours listening to Spanish-language radio, 1.6 hours reading Spanish magazines and 1.2 hours reading Spanish newspapers. The NMOA’s U.S. Hispanic Advertising & Marketing Guide includes more than 2,000 Hispanic listings:

  • 200-plus U.S. magazines
  • 300-plus newspapers
  • 700-plus radio stations
  • 300-plus cable TV stations
  • 350-plus mailing lists
  • 150-plus advertising agencies
  • specialty advertising sources and more.

The master marketer guide and companion CD are available from the NMOA for $499 (plus $12.95 shipping & handling within the continental United States) at:
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About the National Mail Order Association (NMOA)
Headquartered in Minneapolis, the NMOA ( is a membership-supported organization founded in 1972 to help small to midsize businesses and entrepreneurs involved in mail order and direct marketing. The NMOA provides education, information, and business contacts worldwide.

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