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John Schulte
National Mail Order Association (NMOA)

Minneapolis, MN (September 14, 2007). The National Mail Order Association (NMOA) announced a new website for the direct marketing industry today. will now be the central listing place for all direct marketing related events, seminars, and other industry happenings, on a worldwide basis.

Approximately 16.5 million Americans have jobs relating to the direct marketing industry. That’s about 12.3% of the total U.S. employment. These people need to know about direct marketing related events to keep up and to advance their career.

“One central website to find all direct marketing related events is truly needed,” says John Schulte, President of the NMOA. “Direct marketing as a whole is one of the fastest growing methods of marketing there is on a global scale, and is now forefront in the minds of most companies' marketing departments, especially in the e-commerce and general Web marketing area. It is also one of the fastest changing, with new technologies and other advancements being introduced almost everyday."

When you include all the other major direct marketing components like direct mail, catalogs, infomercials, television home shopping, along with the entire order processing and delivery system, you can see that there is a lot to keep up with to stay competitive and advance one's career or business.

Each year there are hundreds of events, seminars, and college courses around the USA and other parts of the world to help people in the industry. In the past, the problem has been twofold in that there was no single place to learn about them or a place for the sponsors to publicize them. solves both problems. No longer will there be a need for marketers to spend hours or days searching from one website to another trying to find out about all the possible direct marketing events and training going on in their particular area, or even in another country. And at the same time, event producers and educational organizations will have a way to easily communicate their training and networking events.

Some of the main topics of events listed on are: General Direct Marketing and Mail Order, Direct Mail, Catalog Marketing, Infomercials and Television Shopping, Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing, Order Fulfillment, Mailing Lists, Copywriting and Advertising Design, E-commerce, and Wholesale Buying Events.

The website will be open to all direct marketing and mail order related associations, groups, and clubs from around the world to post their events. Colleges, private schools, and other training organizations that have a direct marketing related program, will also be allowed to post their classes and courses, as well as industry trade show producers and publishers who sponsor direct marketing events. also offers a directory of direct marketing speakers where organizations looking to sponsor a direct marketing event or seminar can find the appropriate person for a presentation.

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John D. Schulte, National Mail Order Association (
Direct dial: 612-788-1673

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