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June 11, 2013

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F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t
Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Scanner Guard Card

The Scanner Guard Card is the size of a credit card and is designed to protect personal information stored on credit cards, debit cards, smartcards, RFID driver's licenses and any other RFID Cards from e-pickpocket thieves using handheld RFID scanners.

The Scanner Guard Card is half as thick as a standard credit card so it will not increase the size of your wallet. It is very flexible and durable and designed to be placed in your wallet on the outer-sides of your set of credit cards providing protection against e-pickpocket thieves.

We offer individual cards to those people who just want one or two sets for their wallet or purse. We also cater to large corporations, small businesses and medium-sized businesses who want to buy larger quantities for retail purposes as well as to advertise their company with their business logo embossed on each card. You know that people WILL ask about the cards and your advertised business and where to get their own Scanner Guard Cards...and "Voila," another customer for you!

GREAT ADVERTISING PREMIUM PRODUCT --- Custom Printing --- Bulk Discounts more information

P u b l i c a t i o n   o f   t h e   W e e k

The Power of Direct Marketing                                                                     

In these challenging economic times, get access to powerful statistical evidence to fortify your decisions and justify your expenditures!

The 2011-2012 edition of The Power of Direct Marketing provides top-line comprehensive analyses and forecasts from the DMA/Global Insight economic model on the impact of direct marketing across all industries and sectors of the economy.

Be sure to check out the Direct Marketing Advertising Expenditures by Industry and Direct Marketing Driven Sales by Industry chapters. New charts contain detailed breakdowns for both DM advertising spending and sales by Media/Channel and Intended Purpose of Offer.

Data is broken down by channel, industry, and business model. more information

S p e c i a l   A n n o u n c e m e n t

Best Practices for Marketing Automation Use and Implementation
Live Audio Conference, June 27, 2013

Marketing automation is the process of using technology to respond individually to each prospect in the buying process. It allows you to manage, scale, and measure marketing campaigns at a level that cannot be done manually. Marketing automation allows the ability to understand where a prospect is in the buying process and whether they need to be nurtured or handed off to sales. This live audio conference will provide a series of suggestions and best practices to use with each aspect of the marketing automation process. more information

F e a t u r e d   A r t i c l e

The Summertime Tune-up: Seven Reasons to Perform a Half-Year Review and Let the Sun Shine on Your Business This Summer
By Bill McBean

If you're a business owner and you're thinking about kicking back and taking it easy this summer, think again, says Bill McBean. He recommends using the season to do a half-year review of your business and take advantage of emerging opportunities while your competition rests.

Summertime and the livin' is easy...or so the song goes. But as the days grow longer and warmer, small business owners might want to be careful about taking it too easy during June, July, and August. The reality, says successful entrepreneur and author Bill McBean, is that the season is actually a great time to do a half-year review and make some smart moves for your business while some of your competitors are in a summertime lull.
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Downspout Safety Cap
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