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October 9, 2012

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F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t
Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers'Plantopia' Professional Hanging Flower Baskets

Now anyone can create impressive hanging displays with full-coverage, designer drama. Growers, Garden Centers, Nurseries Shops, Cafes, Parks, Malls Homeowners, Renters can make the most of every season with jaw-dropping explosions of color.

Planting larger, more mature plants makes it easier to get a head start on the seasonal bloomers, fruits and vegetables. Easy, fuss-free planting makes changing your plantings easier than ever. Remember, our planters are UV protected to be used season after season, year after year.

• Made in America with 100% recycled materials.
• no moss or lining needed
• UV protected for re-use, year after year
• 1" water reservoir for better water retention
• no root damage from squeezing plants through tiny holes in bags or baskets
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P u b l i c a t i o n   o f   t h e   W e e k

Who's Mailing What! Archive

World's biggest online resource of direct mail winners.

The Who's Mailing What! Direct Mail Archive is a massive library of direct mail data and packages.

For over twenty years, the Who's Mailing What! Archive has been the leader in direct mail intelligence. Now online in a searchable database with direct mail package details and scanned images, the Who's Mailing What! Archive lets you see the mailing packages other companies have mailed in order to learn from their tests and direct mail controls!

More direct mail intelligence...easy search capabilities...thousands of scanned images...all at your fingertips!
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S p e c i a l   A n n o u n c e m e n t

Strategies for Successful Merging of Email and Video

Email is evolving and video is becoming more prevalent in today's email marketing. How can you use highly engaging video content in your emails to drive conversion and program value?

In this live audio conference, we will cover everything you need to know about video in email so you can get started today. From creative design to email client support for video, you will learn what you need to know about video emails so you can make an informed decision about including video in your email program today. We will show through examples and case studies from the field what works and what doesn't. We will close with a short question and answer session, so you can be sure you'll get the specific information you need.

5 Reasons to Attend
• Discover why you should be using video in email to drive engagement and response
• Learn which email programs support video in email and what video formats you can use
• Understand how to coordinate using video in campaigns and where to find existing content
• Learn how to get started, producing your own video using free tools
• Get examples of techniques and best practices from the field
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F e a t u r e d   A r t i c l e

What McDonald's can Teach you about Marketing?
by Bob Bly

A few months ago I heard a radio commercial for McDonald's. I'm not a big fan of general advertising, but I thought this commercial was moderately clever and effective.

In the commercial, a guy walks into work late carrying a cup of McDonald's coffee. The irate boss berates him: "You're late because you stopped and bought a cup of McDonald's coffee?" "Nope," the worker replies. "What do you mean, nope?" the boss says, irritated. "It's right in your hand." "But I didn't BUY this cup of McDonald's coffee," our hero corrects him. "I got it FREE when I went to McDonald's and bought a delicious breakfast meal." What they are selling, of course, is not the brand or the food. They are selling the offer: buy a breakfast and get the coffee free.

As all direct marketers know, offers are essential for generating advertising response ... and free offers are usually the most attractive. read full article

P r o d u c t s

Adjustable Advantage
Toilet Seat Adjusts to
Your Natural Sitting Position
Window Bird Deflector
No Mess Window Protector
Ribbons Replace Stickers and Film
Table Top Gardener
Seed, Plant, Re-pot Without Making a Mess
Garden in Your Living Room

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