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September 6, 2012

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F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t
Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers Repair Tool

Lose the drawstring in your favorite hoodie? That's aggravating. Lose the drawstring in the waist of your favorite sweatpants? Now that's an invitation for an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction!

Not to worry, The Drawstring Tool can fix it. Today's discovery makes it a cinch to get back into your favorite comfort clothes and sporting apparel.

You just insert the tool in the tunnel of the garment, hook the lost drawstring, and then gently pull. No more hunting down safety pins or trying to stuff a pencil or knitting needle through that drawstring tunnel.

The Drawstring Tool can: easily get those lost drawstrings, unclog drains, retrieve jewelry from drains, grab a wire from behind a desk or entertainment center, unclog vacuums. The uses are endless!

Distributors and retailers wanted. more information

P u b l i c a t i o n   o f   t h e   W e e k

The New Marketing Conversation
Creating and building conversations between buyers and sellers

Business and marketing executives have realized for a long time that it's a new day in marketing. Customers, both potential and actual, don't want to be talked at or preached to, or put at the center of a bull's eye. They want to be engaged, to make their needs and wants known, in ways that suit their particular needs.

That's what The New Marketing Conversation does: It gives the reader a strategic blueprint for creating the kinds of dialogs customers want in ways that those customers want to be engaged.
more information

S p e c i a l   A n n o u n c e m e n t

Enter Now!
The Made in America - Hot Product Contest

The search for the most unique and interesting products Made in America is on. The NMOA's biggest contest ever - where America picks the winners!

If you are a manufacturer, retailer, or just someone who likes cool new products, this is an event you want to be part of. Get more information here, Made in America Contest

F e a t u r e d   A r t i c l e

5 Tips to Get your Direct Marketing Message Right
By Martha Guidry

Before you put pencil to paper and start crafting your direct marketing pitch, it is imperative that you lay a foundation to communicate the appropriate message. Often you only have a few minutes to capture the mind and interest of your target audience, thus you want to ensure that you have done your "homework" to create the best chance to resonate with your target customer/consumer.

1. Know your target audience - A thorough understanding of your target audience is essential to messaging. Understanding the reason for their current choices will provide information that you will may need to embrace simply as a cost of entry to the market. In addition, it's important to know, their level of satisfaction with their current products or substitutes and whether they feel like their needs are being met or if they are frustrated. read full article

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Screen Mend
Repair Your Window and Door Screens
Without Special Tools
Professional Hanging Flower Baskets
Secret to Massive Hanging Displays

Double Your Lifting Strength
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