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June 5, 2012

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The Made in America - Hot Product Contest

The search for the most unique and interesting products Made in America is on. The NMOA's biggest contest ever - where America picks the winners!

If you are a manufacturer, retailer, or just someone who likes cool new products, this is an event you want to be part of. Get more information here, Made in America Contest

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2012 Statistical Fact Book

Hone your strategy, plan campaigns, justify the budget, and produce winning results.

Revised, expanded, and only getting better! Your definitive source for direct marketing data. Now in its 34th year of publication, is the Definitive Source for Direct Marketing Benchmarks and continues to adapt with the ever-changing business landscape, replacing and updating information as necessary.

Whether you are looking for basic benchmark information or hoping to find more detailed data, this report gives you the information you need. This year, DMA added dozens of new charts on new media to augment the updated information on traditional channels.

The 2012 Statistical Fact Book is the source for benchmarks on how marketers allocate their spending, which new media are becoming mainstream, how customers respond to marketing, what trends are emerging, and much, much more. more information

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Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Adjustable Advantage Toilet Seat

World's only toilet seat capable of adjusting to your natural sitting position!

Sit Better - Fit Better - Feel Better

This is the world's first and only patented toilet seat that adjusts to an individual's natural sitting position providing greater comfort, support, relaxation and improved personal hygiene.

Until now, toilet seats marketed to the 100+ million bariatric and limited mobility users have only been variations on the same old traditional toilet seat design and come with a higher price tag. They provide no additional benefits to the additional tens of millions of users who suffer with other health and medical needs. more information

F e a t u r e d   A r t i c l e

Why Was This Sales Letter So Successful? How To Use The Power of Storytelling To Persuade Others And Win Them Over
By Mark Satterfield

According to numerous sources, the letter that is credited with selling the most "stuff" (to put it inelegantly) is a sales letter written for the Wall Street Journal. It's been used on and off by them for decades and it's been copied by numerous copywriters and used successfully to sell a wide variety of goods and services. You may actually be familiar with it. Here's how it starts:

"Take two men, both graduates of good universities, both hardworking and ambitious.

"Flash forward twenty years and one is in the corner office commanding the attention and respect of hundreds. The other toils amid the legions of middle managers in a largely obscured position. Why did one ascend to great heights and the other plateau so early?" read full article

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