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November 29, 2011

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LeanLever is a new award winning leverage and support tool. It attaches to hand tools and like a child's see-saw uses principles of leverage to magnify lifting power while reducing back pain, fatigue, and harmful vibrations. Highly versatile it is great for construction workers, independent baby boomers, DIY'ers, workers with back pain, and emergency workers such as firemen and gardeners.

LeanLever folds up, takes up virtually no storage space, is simple to use, and is easily set up and put away.

Seeking resellers of all kinds. Drop shipping available. more information

P u b l i c a t i o n   o f   t h e   W e e k

Billion Dollar Marketing
By Maxwell Sackheim

Great holiday gift - a true collector's item! From the man who revolutionized 20th century mail order advertising. Originator of Book-of-the-Month Club and the Negative Option Plan! Member of Copywriters & DMA Hall of Fame and past NMOA Advisor!

Every person who is serious about mail order marketing should have a good knowledge of its history. Knowing where we came from and the people who broke mail order ground gives us insight as to where we are going, as well as an understanding of basic principles that need to be applied today.

This book is for everyone involved or getting involved in Mail Order and Direct Response Marketing. Here's what you will learn...

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F e a t u r e d   A r t i c l e

Our Nation's Economic Recovery Hinges on Small Business
By Richard B. Sanford

Small businesses are considered the backbone of the American economy and with national leaders saying the economic revival begins with small firms and their entrepreneurs , a well executed business strategy has never been more important.

In past recessions, independent smaller businesses helped fuel economic recoveries. But tightened credit, government regulatory impediments, and a lack of Federal support for Community Banks – the principal source of capital and financial support for small business – has many modern day entrepreneurs fearful of what the future may hold! Proper planning and a well-executed business strategic plan for growing it's business, though, can clear the way for a smaller enterprise to expand and take reasonable risks that will lead to an improved bottom line.
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B/C Bracket
Bracket to Attach
Curtains over Blinds

Folding Flip-Flops
Package Includes Folded Larger
Bag to Carry Your Heels

Wireless USB Transmitter
itunes and Audio Stream
on Your FM Radio

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