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March 23, 2011

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S e r v i c e   P r o v i d e r

Process America

Process America, provides high quality service, support, and equipment anywhere in the United States. Having a credit card terminal will increase sales 30%-50% and they'll help you get set up step-by-step. The National Mail Order Association has negotiated with Process America to offer you world-class credit/debit card processing, discounted rates, with world-class service and support. Already accepting credit cards? Check with Process America to see about getting a lower rate.

• Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Terminals for Small, New, and Home Business
• ATM & Check Guarantee Programs
• Gift &Loyalty Card Services
• Wireless Systems
• Internet Solutions
• High Risk Credit Accounts
• Competitive Market Rates
• Easy-to-read Statements
• Easy Qualifying

Contact Tammy Gill, ISO Support Manager, for questions and to start the process. Mention NMOA to get the member rates.

F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t
Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Locking Outlet Plug

This device is an electrical plug adapter (2 or 3 prong adaptable) that permanently attaches to any corded appliance or electrical device that the consumer may want to use it on. Once applied to any electrical cord or electrical device it is permanently attached and ready for use. The male side of the plug has 2 prongs and a ground which allows it to plug into any standard wall outlet or power strip.

There are many applicable uses for this device where consumers don't want appliances, tools, and convenience items to become unplugged because of loose fits, someone kicks the cord, or when the cord is inadvertently pulled.

Looking for resellers of all types. more information

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

Social Media Safety in the Workplace: Tips to Protect Your Employees
By Dr. Richard Weinblatt, The Cop Doc

There are many stories out there already, which any manager will share when complaining about their employees. There is the one with the salesman who scans Twitter for hours. And then there is the employee who harasses a co-worker several cubicles down from him by hijacking her Facebook account and posting harassing comments. And of course there is the ubiquitous case of the worker who slams the employer on LinkedIn and is fired, thus exacting a morale-busting toll on the employee, the workplace, and the organization.

From workplace distraction to conduit for stalking, harassment and other criminal activity, the rise of social networking has its supporters and its detractors. While some lament the greater bandwidth demands, virus/Trojan infiltration, and social engineering (identity theft) issues that can pummel a company's computer network and employees, along with sapping of productivity and channel for co-worker harassment, others point to the teamwork and mental break productivity enhancement outcome. read full article
What F. Scott Fitzgerald Can Teach You About PR
By Bob Bly

F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of "The Great Gatsby," was smart enough to understand and articulate one of the most powerful public relations (PR) techniques ever developed.

The technique is controversy: getting attention for yourself, your business, or your product or service by focusing on an emotional, important, or timely issue -- and taking sides.

It works best if your opinion is contentious - that is, you disagree with the most widely held view.
read full article

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