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February 1, 2011

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NMOA Special Report: How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing offers entrepreneurs a great method for earning money with little or no investment...and has enough potential to make it worthwhile for an established corporate executive to get involved.

This exclusive NMOA report covers six methods on how to use affiliate programs to make money.

In this report, I outline in easy to understand language, the six best ways I've found to make money with affiliate programs. What I have written is from actual experience not theory, I've done it and I'm doing it, and you can too!

Also included for your convenience are a glossary of affiliate-related terms and the major directories of affiliate programs. Here are the areas covered.

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Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Announcing ScrewGrab!

This amazing formula helps remove or tighten all types of screws and nuts that are damaged or rusted. A single dab of ScrewGrab creates a positive grip between metal surfaces that virtually eliminates tool slippage due to stripped out screw heads, worn sockets and box-end wrenches or rounded and deformed bolt heads.

ScrewGrab works on any type of metal.

This incredible product takes the place of an assortment of expensive old-fashioned screw and bolt extractors. You can even make the wrong size wrench work on a bolt, for example, if you're stuck with an SAE bolt and a near size metric. A drop of this product will let your wrench take hold like magic.

You will not believe how effective this product is until you try it.

Every homeowner, handyman, or contractor should have a bottle with them at all times. Unlimited shelf life!

ScrewGrab is not a glue!!! It's a secret formula that instantly forms a positive grip between metals. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe, and wipes clean after use. more info

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Ten Ways to Market Yourself in 2011
By Jeff Beals

Here we are in the early part of a new year. This is one of those years where many professionals are feeling more optimistic than they were at this time 12 months ago.

That's refreshing. It's a much better feeling than we had at the beginning of 2010. But while the stock market has been rising, tax cuts have been extended, and business is picking up, these are far from ideal times. High unemployment persists, and the economy still has a cautious, uncertain feeling to it. Today's business environment remains somewhat perilous, but at the same time, there are great prospects for those who play their cards right. That's why it is so important for you to build your personal brand and create opportunities. Whether you want more/bigger clients or a better career opportunity, make a commitment to market yourself in 2011.

To get you started, here are 10 items to consider: full article
Killing Your Competition with (Customer) Kindness: Five Core Principles for Turning Clients and Prospects into Raving Fans
In today's slow economy, there is no better advertisement for your business than a happy customer who can't help but sing your praises. Here are five core marketing principles that can help you turn all of your customers into raving fans.
By Maribeth Kuzmeski

Once upon a time, customer service meant more than having your callers press # 2 to wait (and wait and wait) for "the next available representative." Companies used to value those who bought their goods and services and went the proverbial extra mile to make them happy. Today, we're more likely to hear about a company that's ripped off its customers, for example, Dell's deliberate selling of defective computers or any of the financial institutions' shenanigans that left customers with huge losses while paying executives big bonuses. Than one that regularly delights them.

Failing to make your customers happy is more than a shame. It's slow-motion corporate suicide. If you want to make it in today's crowded, recession-wracked market, you absolutely must create clients and customers who rave about your company the way they would their favorite sports team.

Obviously, making raving fans out of your clients is easier said than done. full article

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