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December 29, 2010

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Catalog Strategist's Toolkit

Here it is at your fingertips and at your keyboard--all the forms, charts, checklists, and spreadsheets--everything you will need to start a new catalog or manage an existing catalog more profitably.

All the areas are covered--from creative to production to merchandising to managing to testing and measurement. And it's by Katie Muldoon, one of the leading catalog experts of the past thirty years.

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Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Mini Reminder

Never leave your keys, purse, wallet, cell phone or other valuables behind!

Do you, somehow, always manage to misplace, lose or leave behind everything, from an umbrella to your keys, purse or wallet? Or have you had your purse stolen in a store or restaurant? You're not alone. Before you lose another thing, try the Mini Reminder.

This compact, two-piece transmitter/receiver system can be attached to cell phones, MP3 players, laptop computers, purses, briefcases and other valuables. When you become separated from your belongings by 10 or 25 feet (you set the range), Mini Reminder alerts you with vibrations and beeps.

It's a small price to pay for big dividends, including peace of mind. Use it to monitor pets and children, too. Receiver requires one AAA battery. Battery Included!

Seeking resellers of all types.

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The Future of Your Business is in the Palm of Your Hand - Using the Power of Smartphones to Grow Your Business
By Ford Saeks

What started as a must-have device that didn't tie you down has now morphed into a texting, tweeting, multi-tasking productivity and entertainment gadget that offers a wide range of possibilities for you and your business.

The lightning-speed advancement of the Smartphone has left many companies scrambling to keep up with the technology and new opportunities. According to ComScore, there are 45 million Smartphones now active in the U.S. alone. Like social media, they are the new wave of communication and the only place they are going is into the hands of more and more consumers. full article

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