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December 16, 2010

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Start or Improve Your Business in 2011

Direct Marketing Toolkit for Small & Home Business

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Insider techniques for using the web, catalogs, direct mail, email, classified and display advertising, and zero-cost opportunities to sell more!

There is no fluff in this book. It's all about buying and selling. Whether you're selling a product...or selling a service, you learn how to start a business the right way...the first time, and you also learn something vitally more to become a better marketer!

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My Seat Warmer
Keeping You Warm from the Bottom Up

Do you ever get cold sitting at your desk or work station?
Do you work in an office that doesn't allow foot heaters?

My Seat Warmer is a comfortable chair cover that is designed to fit over any office chair, stadium seat or standard 24" chair. It requires no batteries or electricity. Its special design uses your own body heat and reflects it back up for warmth.

It's portable from chair to chair and machine washable.

Keeping you warm from the bottom up! Great for logos and promotional items.

Suggested retail price $16.99
Available in 6 colors, black, pink, grey, navy, khaki and purple.

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D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

Virtual Team Failure: Six Common Reasons Why Virtual Teams Do Not Succeed
By Rick Lepsinger

The popularity of virtual teams in today's business world keeps growing.

Mostly because new and emerging technologies have made it easier than ever, and the potential cost savings of virtual teams is perfect for companies trying to reduce their budgets.

Unfortunately, too many companies fail to take the steps necessary to ensure their virtual teams are successful.

Today, more and more companies are emptying their cubicles and opting for a virtual workforce. For many organizations, the cost-cutting nature of virtual collaboration, which allows companies to save money on office leases or other real estate costs and decreases the need for business travel, is simply too hard to resist at a time when budget cutting is priority one. Unfortunately, just because there's been a boom in working virtually, this doesn't mean companies opting to go virtual are getting it right. full article

The RFM Formula
By Bob Bly

When I first got into direct marketing, I took a course in direct mail copywriting with legendary copywriter Milt Pierce at New York University. One day a student asked, "Professor Pierce, why is it that, as soon as I give a donation to a charity, they immediately send me another letter asking for more money?" Milt replied: "Because they know, from experience, that the person who just made a donation is the one most likely to give again." Huh? This threw me. It seemed counterintuitive.

"But Professor Pierce, if I just gave money to a charity, then I would feel I'd fulfilled my obligation for at least a while. And I might even be annoyed that they are coming back to me asking for more." "Nonetheless," Milt replied, "experience proves that the person who just gave is the most likely to give again." He explained that this phenomenon was called RECENCY, and it held for commercial direct response as well as nonprofit, and that it was part of a formula called "RFM" - for "recency, frequency, and monetary." full article

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EZ Nail-On
Sliding Closet Door
Repair Guide

Gasoline Fuel Saver
Gasoline Independence
Gasoline Technology System

Battery Chem

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