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November 16, 2010

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NMOA Special Report: How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing offers entrepreneurs a great method for earning money with little or no investment...and has enough potential to make it worthwhile for an established corporate executive to get involved.

This exclusive NMOA report covers six methods on how to use affiliate programs to make money.

In this report, I outline in easy to understand language the six best ways I've found to make money with affiliate programs. What I have written is from actual experience not theory. I've done it and I'm doing it, and you can too! more info

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Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Hudson Music Training DVD's, Videos and Books

Start selling the best music training and educational products available. First time being offered to catalogers and other direct marketers. Only through the NMOA.

For over 20 years, Hudson Music has been creating award-winning music training videos, DVD's and books. With a stable of over 120 SKUs there is plenty of opportunity for marketers. Customers buy over and over again.

Your customers will enjoy a very direct benefit of either learning to play an instrument from scratch or learning to become a more accomplished musician.

Some of the beginning music titles include: Fender Presents, Getting Started on Electric Guitar, Getting Started on Acoustic Guitar, Getting Started on Drums, Snare Drum Basics, Groove Essentials, Classic Jazz Drummers, and so much more.

Low minimum orders, drop shipping available after initial order.
more info

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

Keeping Up With The Vigilante Consumer
By Patricia Fripp

Some facts:

If you increase customer retention by just 5%, your profits will increase 100%.
U.S. population growth is projected to be only 1.1% in the next twenty years.
Disposable income in the US is growing only 2% every year.
U.S. businesses will invest more than $1 billion this year on computer technology -- just for customer service departments.

These interesting bits of information basically mean that the number of customers is dwindling. This is why customer service is today's competitive advantage. If we don't have masses of potential customers, we better keep the ones we do have happy -- even ecstatic.

What is a vigilante consumer anyway?  full article
3 Steps to a Winning USP
By Bob Bly

In 1961, Rosser Reeves published his classic book Reality in Advertising in which he introduced the notion of the Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. Today the book is out of print and difficult to get. As a result, most practicing direct marketers don't know the original definition of a USP. Their lack of knowledge often produces USPs that are weak and ineffective. According to Reeves, there are three requirements for a USP (and I am quoting from Reality in Advertising directly):

1. Each advertisement must make a proposition to the consumer. Each must say, "Buy this product, and you will get this specific benefit."
Your headline must contain a benefit - a promise to the reader. full article

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