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October 26, 2010

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Catalog Search

The MediaFinder Catalog Search provides the ability to perform variable searches on our database, and create downloadable files of the search results.

Select one or more items from each field you need to define your query.
Search results are presented when a query has been created and executed.

After submitting payment, you can download the query results in standard formats that allow you to import them into your preferred spreadsheet program, for future processing. more info

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Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Kidz Interactive / Chanteuse Music

Educational Interactive Products for Children

We produce interactive products for children and adults which combine the worlds of music, children, and animals. Please join us at Chanteuse Music Publishing, Inc. where your child or the child-in-you get to sing-along with the music CD while the printed lyrics exercise the mind and vibrant illustrations entertain your imagination.

We even carry some Bling Bling for you, your child or your pet!

Be one of the first to offer these unique interactive, educational (and award winning) children's products. Kids love singing, drawing and pets. These products are a great fit for every child. more info

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

3 Things You Should Know About Mailing Lists
By Bob Bly

A common mistake of novice direct marketers is to create a mailing, and then go look for a list almost as an afterthought. They have it backwards. The right way to do direct mail is to first understand, find, analyze, and know the audience - including their wants and desires - and then tailor a letter to this specific group or list. Here are three things about mailing lists that are important to your DM success but maybe not immediately obvious.

The first is that you never know in advance which mailing list will work for your offer -- and which won't. So you should never look at a bunch of lists, pick one, and gamble your success or failure on it. A better approach is to test three to five or more of the most likely candidates, measure the results, and then roll out your mailing to the ones that are profitable. full article
Sales Series - The "Gang of One" Analysis: Assessing Your Managers' Leadership Abilities
By Dirk Gorman

As businesses operate in these times of upheaval as well as opportunity, a lot more attention should be given to analyzing an organization's leadership, its value and ability to build. An organization's leaders and managers are key drivers of an organization's success or failure, so the need for leadership assessment should be a predominant theme in the corporate environment. While most managers are adept at the skills needed to perform their day-to-day functions, their professional and personal leadership ability is a critical differentiator that can provide strategic advantage to the organization. A manager's ability to maintain and utilize a professional network of contacts is a priceless asset that distinguishes good performance from true sustainable success. full article

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Hoopnotica TravelHoop
Collapsible and Adjustable
Workout or Dance Hoop

Life Learning Devices
Custom Order Daily Reminders
Devotions or Quotations

White Swan
Wild Rose Scented
Bath and Body Products

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