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October 19, 2010

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How to Market a Product for Under $500

Learn the inside secrets of direct marketing in a few nights of easy reading. Specific how-to information you can put to use right now to launch a product, or make your current marketing even more effective and at lower cost.

An easy and fast plan you can work yourself or with limited help, for office - or your home. Explicit How-To instructions: for both experienced and non-experienced marketers in traditional and non-traditional marketing methods. You never learned this stuff in college!

Money is not the criterion for the successful launch of a new product. Everything you need to know to bring your product to the attention of a national marketplace for under $500 is included in this book.

This book will make your marketing EASIER, FASTER, and CHEAPER than ever!

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Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Velcro pouch to any leash or dog collar!

No more hand carrying or putting doggy bags in your pockets. With the Zippity-Poo-Da your pet's poo is carried for you! Zippity-Poo-Da is an all-in-one dog walking waste cleanup system. Different than anything else on the market today, the Zippity-Poo-Da product line not only dispenses bags, it also carries pet waste so you don't have to.

Sold in two models: pouch only, and leash/pouch combo.

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D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

10 Elements of a Successful Postcard Design
By PostcardMania

Don't want direct mail marketing to end up in the trash? These ten proven tips will help you get the results you want on your next postcard campaign.

1. A clear, bold headline
The headline must instantly communicate what you're selling and be large enough to be seen at first glance.

2. A graphic that supports the message - but doesn't detract from it
The graphic should be very easy to understand and complement the headline. For instance, to promote refinances, you can show a house with money spouting out of it...Another option, you can have a short message that doesn't allow for a graphic, for example, "GOT MILK." full article
Sales Series - What's Your Online Marketing Score?
By Shawn Elledge

The biggest challenge for marketing professionals a decade ago was getting online, and transforming their mass communications-style marketing efforts into more segmented and personalized online models.

But now that online marketing is a standard element of every company's efforts, many of those campaigns are falling short because companies don't use newer technologies aimed at tracking their online tactics.

The first hurdle for businesses in the Internet age was just to get online with a web site that was engaging and thought-provoking. Soon, the challenge became devising a way to become visible in search engines and driving traffic which will hopefully turn into more leads. Today, however, many companies are missing the boat because they aren't truly tracking their online efforts in ways that could help them get even more business. They still don't understand the technology completely, so instead of finding comprehensive ways to integrate it with their marketing strategies, they compartmentalize it and keep it separate. If they want to be competitive, that dog just won't hunt.
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