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October 5, 2010

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B o o k   R e p o r t

On the Art of Writing Copy
What are you planning to write?

YOU HAVE IT ALL RIGHT HERE - everything you need to write more powerful, more profitable copy. It's the Master Work by the world's master copywriter.

If you have any interest in the power of the written word...or any control over what those words are supposed to're about to choose the right book.

In these pages, you'll find: how to write "killer" email copy, how to avoid spam filters and still sell with power, simple - effective rules for letter writing, when to use envelope copy and what to say, how broadcast copy differs, why some of the old rules don't work any more, how to write an effective guarantee. more info

F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t
Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Replacement Mattress for Sleeper Sofa Bed

This product is aimed at the millions of Sleeper Sofas out there that need a new or better mattress in them. Get in on this market today. It's called the 'Slice of Heaven' sofa mattress and comes in 2 different materials; premium memory foam or all natural latex. Both models come in 6 different sizes, and are designed to fit into all sleeper sofas.

Customers have told us they search EVERYWHERE and cannot find a high quality sofa mattress, especially one made of memory foam or natural latex.

Drop Shipping Available. more info

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

Embrace New Technologies for Better Direct Marketing Campaign ROI
By Jamie Klemcke

With the growth of social media and online marketing, many marketers have turned away from direct mail campaigns, arguing that traditional mailings are no longer an effective way to market to prospects. But I contend that abandoning direct mail right now would mean that you miss out on some of the most effective and cutting-edge prospecting strategies today. In fact, I believe that direct mail is more important than ever for launching a multi-channel direct marketing effort - especially when it leverages digital media and innovative marketing technologies. Today's direct mail can be a cost effective way to target prospects, collect valuable lead data and measure campaign performance in real time.

Direct mail campaigns now are vastly different from the days of huge mailings that were sent to every known address in a zip code. Advances in the printing industry have streamlined the direct mail process, making it easy to present each targeted recipient with a unique and highly relevant message. Additionally, innovative digital technologies now make it possible to pinpoint specific prospects based on demographics, launch direct mail touches based on event triggers, and capture real-time response metrics in order to determine immediate ROI.

Let's take a look at some of these technologies and explore how they can enhance your integrated marketing campaigns, ultimately leading to improved ROI tracking. full article
We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us
By George F. Brown, Jr.

In 1970, Walt Kelly had his famous comic strip character Pogo use the phrase "We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us" in an Earth Day poster. Since then, we've seen it applied in diverse settings - from discussions of information overload to the road system to our nation's challenges in Afghanistan. It is one of the universally applicable truths, and it applies to the most difficult leadership challenges faced in many companies.

Every year, the Conference Board surveys CEOs to rank their most important challenges. In 2010 - and in many earlier years - the challenge on the top of the list was "sustained and steady top-line growth". We believe Pogo's message provides an insight relative to this challenge. "We" aren't going to provide the answer, at least not the whole answer. The firms that try to address their growth challenges on their own aren't going to be successful. The firms and leaders that look outside of their walls for solutions are the ones that we will read about in a few years in articles about companies that "get it" and are rewarding their shareholders.  full article

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