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September 28, 2010

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NMOA Special Report: How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing offers entrepreneurs a great method for earning money with little or no investment...and has enough potential to make it worthwhile for an established corporate executive to get involved.

This exclusive NMOA report covers six methods on how to use affiliate programs to make money.

In this report, I outline in easy to understand language the six best ways I've found to make money with affiliate programs. What I have written is from actual experience not theory, I've done it and I'm doing it, and you can too! more info

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Ramjet Fuel Saver

The "Ramjet" is a patented invention, proven by Government Certified Labs, with satisfaction GUARANTEED to last the lifetime of your engine. Made of stainless steel and tough, space-age Celcon, it can't rust, corrode, or wear. It's SAFE, can't burn valves, won't affect vehicle warranty and fits 98% of all popular cars.
more info

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Google Instant - Implications For SEO & Internet Marketing
By Titus Hoskins

While reading Harry McCracken's rather insightful article on Google Instant in PCWorld, I was reminded once again, how narrowly focused my own thinking has become in regards to Google. I keep forgetting, not everyone is into SEO or Internet Marketing (lucky dogs), and that Google search has a function outside of SEO.

I keep forgetting that the general public actually uses Google for online search, there are millions of web users out there who have been using Google Instant to find out the weather, the latest Lady Gaga outfit or which flat-screen HDTV to buy? Of course, I know this to be the real function of Google, but if you're a full-time search engine marketer, your perspective is solidly aligned to all the SEO elements - keyword rankings, link building and content placement in the most dominant search engine in the world. full article
The Take Away Close for Marketing
By Bob Bly

A few years ago I came across a brochure for an independent consultant, Sommers White. The brochure promoting White's consulting services was written entirely in question and answer format. But what really caught my eye was the first Q & A in the lead:

Q: Why should I hire Sommers White?

A: Perhaps you should not.

Why is this opening so effective? First, it is unexpected. The surprise factor gets your attention. full article

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