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July 27, 2010

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B o o k   R e p o r t

High-Performance Interactive Marketing

Despite the uncertain economy, despite the dramatic drop in the NASDAQ, despite the crashing dotcoms, you can make money with Interactive Marketing...with the right guidance. That's where the real-time, real-world practical ideas and advice of High-Performance Interactive Marketing will help you navigate the dangerous but profitable waters of the new interactive world.

The business press of recent years has been filled with dramatic interactive marketing success stories. But the landscape behind these exciting pictures is littered with the remains of the failures-those who couldn't handle the problems and challenges of this exciting but challenging and ever-changing new world.

High-Performance Interactive Marketing gives you all the strategic and tactical tools and insights you'll need to succeed in the exciting, high-potential new marketing and media world. more info

F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t
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Easy to use wall hook

When it comes to getting organized in the home or work place HookPin wall hooks is the answer. Wherever you need a quick hanging solution.

HookPin wall hooks will be there to make it simple and easy. It takes 1 second to install a HookPin wall hook (leaves small pinhole) and it will hold up to 2 pounds on wall securely.

No tools needed, no tapes to fuss with, and no wait time to hang item.

100% Made in the USA, built to last with high quality materials, easy to install - just push in wall, transparent (blends into wall), re-usable.

more info

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

If You are a Leader, are You a Peacemaker?
By Ian A. Vickers

Certainly, the word "peace" evokes good feelings. It's a concept everyone would favor, right? Logic tells us that anyone with common sense would say, "I am for peace," and every half wit would say, "I am against peace."

As a leader, are you a peacemaker? Good leadership brings peace. I realize many will say, "leadership is more about conflict - it's the nature of leadership." Is it? Does leadership bring with it conflict? Or does conflict exist and good leadership brings peace? People want to spend time with good leaders because good leaders - through their leadership - create peace. full article

Does Volume Make Up for Low Price?
By Mark Hunter

The phone rings and the sales manager hears on the other end the all-too-familiar plea of a salesperson. The salesperson tries to convince the sales manager that it makes so much sense to offer the prospect a discount to get them to finally become a customer. Of course, the salesperson has the expectation that this new customer will quickly become a high-profit customer. The sales manager has heard the same plea hundreds of times before, and yet for some reason, the salesperson and the lack of current sales suddenly make offering a discount very attractive. full article

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Fuel Saver
Gasoline Independence
Gasoline Technology System

Life Learning Devices
Motivational Quotes and
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Instant Color Touch-Up
Leather & Vinyl
Repair Kit

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