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July 20, 2010

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The Statistical Fact Book
The definitive Source for Direct Marketing Benchmarks

Revised, expanded, and only getting better! Get answers to your most pressing questions in this powerful collection of DMA's most frequently requested data, statistics, benchmarks, projections, and analysis in one easy-to-read resource. The new 2010 edition offers a concise overview of vital direct marketing information, set in an easy-to-use format, from more than 75 leading research sources. more info

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Doubles the life of your fruits, vegetables and fresh cut flowers.

Americans throw out at least 25% of the produce we buy because it has gone bad! This averages out to $600.00 of food per year per family. Now you can stop the waste and save money too.

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How To Ruin Social Media Strategy For Your Company
By Annie Jennings

What Happens If They Don't "Like You"

The growth of social media is so fast that it's attracting everyone. You might be wondering if your company should have a social media presence and what it should it look like.

No social media presence; no problem...for your competitors that is: Your competitors are perfectly happy that you do not have a social media presence. They are happy to take up your space. They are happy to dominate. If you are not there, this means MORE FOR THEM.

There are a few rules of the road in social media: Let's find out what we know already about what's working and what's absolutely not working. First impressions can turn people off forever so let's find out how to make a good lasting impression. And yes, in case you are wondering, you will make more sales. The path to get there will be different than what you might be used to. full article
Tips for Working a Mixer
Knowing what to look for will help you use business events to your advantage.
By Ivan Misner

Effective networking at a business event or mixer is an important skill that entrepreneurs should learn to help build their business. Many times when entrepreneurs attend the ever-popular networking mixer, they have a difficult time reading the crowd and knowing when and where to get started. Sometimes, that seems to be the biggest challenge for entrepreneurs in networking. They may say to themselves, "I don't want to just barge in. Where do I start? Who do I talk to?"

Being able to assess the room is an important beginning for the process. For example, look at diagram A, below. Here is a top-down view of a portion of the room during a business mixer. For the person entering the room (like the individual with the "?" in the bottom right corner), it's hard to determine where to start in the networking process.
full article

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