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July 6, 2010

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On the Art of Writing Copy

Everything you need to write more powerful, more profitable copy. It's the Master Work by the world's master copywriter.

If you have any interest in the power of the written word...or any control over what those words are supposed to're about to choose the right book.

In these pages, you'll find: how to write "killer" e-mail copy, how to avoid spam filters and still sell with power, simple - effective rules for letter writing, when to use envelope copy and what to say, how broadcast copy differs, why some of the old rules don't work any more, How to write an effective guarantee. more info

F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t
Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Slice of Heaven Sofa Mattress

This product is aimed at the millions of Sleeper Sofas out there that need a new or better mattress in them. Get in on this market today.

Slice of Heaven sofa mattress comes in 2 different materials; premium memory foam or all natural latex. Both models come in 6 different sizes, and are designed to fit into all sleeper sofas. 

While most "Latex Mattresses" sold today use synthetic latex made from petrochemical products which have a limited lifespan, Plushbeds is proud to offer our All Natural Sri Lankan Botanical Latex sofa mattress with no synthetic, petroleum based products. All of our latex sofa mattresses are free from chemical dyes, pesticides, bleach, carcinogenic adhesives and chemical flame retardants more info

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

The Four Gs of Smartly Growing Your Business in Good Times and Bad
The slow economy doesn't have to mean the end of growth for your business.
Here's how you can grow your business the smart way despite the slow economy.
By Ed Hess

Tune in to the latest financial and business news and you are likely to get a mixed-bag view of what is going on in today's economy. One pundit might be lauding the fact that thousands of new jobs have been created. While another might be telling the story of yet another business that is shutting its doors after succumbing to the pressures of the down economy. Try to get any to-the-point information from those in charge of stabilizing the economy - politicians, government economic experts, and Wall Street big shots - and the response you'll get is often reminiscent of the replies from the "Magic 8-Ball" toy: "Cannot predict now." Or, even more likely, "Reply hazy, ask again later."

In the midst of this uncertainty there are a few things we can know-at least about the likely generators of a period of sustained economic recovery. One is that job creation depends on true economic growth. A second is that smaller, private businesses are the most likely engines of that job creation. full article
Don't Give Up on Your Aging Boomers Just Yet
Adapted from their new book, "Generations, Inc."
By Larry and Meagan Johnson

According to a survey of more than 2,200 employees ages 17 to 81 and representing nine organizations in different industries, "older Baby Boomers (ages 53 to 61) reported significantly less support from their supervisors to acquire additional training to further their careers than did workers ages 27 to 52" (Generation Xers and younger Boomers). They also reported less access to flexible work options than did Gen Xers and Gen Yers. In addition, "those with the least amount of job tenure (0-3 years) felt more supported by their supervisors, and that they had greater access to learning and development opportunities than those with more than three years on the job."

Don't Neglect Their Growth Needs

Neglecting the growth needs of Baby Boomers is understandable. They seem to be successful doing what they are doing, so why would they need it? After all, they'll be leaving soon, so why waste money training them when it can be better spent on someone younger? full article

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