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June 1, 2010

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How Can Inside Direct Mail Help You?

INSIDE DIRECT MAIL is the most comprehensive publication for the direct mail industry.

With Inside Direct Mail, you'll learn what’s in the mail, what’s working and what’s not—and most importantly, HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR RESPONSE. And you’ll read the latest on offers, lists, testing, copywriting, design, customer retention and more.

The articles in Inside Direct Mail cover all market sectors—from nonprofit to publishing, financial services, retail (including catalogs), telecommunications, business-to-business, insurance and travel. If you’re mailing it, we cover it. Every month, Inside Direct Mail gives subscribers the true insider’s picture of what’s powerful and unprecedented in direct mail. more info

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Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

In 2008,, the world’s largest online retailer, named their top selling products. The Platinum XL was their Best Selling personal care product, outselling over 2,500,000 other products in the category.

The Groom Mate Platinum XL … Is Made In America, Is Built To Last Forever, Is Solid Stainless Steel, Works Without Batteries, Fits in The Palm of Your Hand, Is Backed By A Lifetime Guarantee.

We have been in business 19 years and we have supplied millions of Groom Mates to consumers worldwide. We now offer you the opportunity to profit by distributing Groom Mates to your customers. more info

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

Who's qualified to speak for you?
Make sure those who represent your product or service know about them.
By Marc Gordon

Many forward thinking companies know the value and importance of offering a strong warranty on their products and services. They understand that customers who feel confident in the company's desire to back up their products will be more likely to purchase from them.

But for many manufacturers, it is not always possible to have direct contact with the people who purchase their products. This is especially true for companies who's products are sold through retailers. full article
The Myth of Search Engine Optimization
And how to REALLY get on the First Page of Google - by Lunchtime.
by Jeffrey Dobkin

It was a dark night, as most are. On the 12th of January, my internet connection on the phone said to meet him at the Apollo Diner, a greezy spoon in the Vietnamese section of the Italian neighborhood in the French quarter. "Sit at the table closest to the bathroom in the back." he said flatly. I could only suspect... he had a bladder problem.

I followed his instructions taking the table closest to the unkempt brown stained mahogany doors marked "His" "Hers" and "Unsure," of which I was a bit unsure about myself. Which is unusual, as I am unusually sure about myself; most of the time, to be sure. But this time, I wasn't so sure.

He said on the phone to bring "Three Large," and he would get me onto the first page of Google. full article

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