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March 23, 2010

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NMOA Special Report: How to Make Money With Affiliate Programs
by John Schulte

SPECIAL PRICE: For a limited time:  Just $24.95

Affiliate marketing offers entrepreneurs a great method for earning money with little or no investment...and has enough potential to make it worthwhile for an established corporate executive to get involved.

This exclusive NMOA report covers six methods on how to use affiliate programs to make money. In this report, I outline in easy to understand language the six best ways I've found to make money with affiliate programs. What I have written is from actual experience not theory, I've done it and I'm doing it, and you can too!
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Gasoline Independence Technology System

Are you one of the over 100,000,000 automobile owners in America that is sick and tired of the HIGH gasoline cost, such as $2-$3 per gallon in some states. The Ramjet Fuel Saver and the Stop Buying Gasoline book are the answer.

The "Ramjet" is a patented invention, proven by Government Certified Labs, with satisfaction GUARANTEED to last the lifetime of your engine. Made of stainless steel and tough, space-age Celcon, it can't rust, corrode, or wear.

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D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

Appeasing the Search Engine Gods
Does your site need to be listed as number 1? Should you even care?

By Marc Gordon

On January 19, the web site for Performance Diesel Injection went live. A new business located in Markham, Performance Diesel services a very specific segment of the automotive industry. With over 20 years of personal experience in the industry, owner Giles Gallie felt that having a web site was essential.

"There are a lot of competitors out there." says Giles. "I felt it was important to be ranked at least on the first page of a Google search. I would say that our site is a big part of our marketing efforts."

This view is common among many business of all sizes and industries. Even individuals who want to be known for their books, accomplishments, or personal ideas believe that their ultimate success lies in the results of search engines. full article

Mistake-Proofing Your Start-Up Business
By Jay Arthur

With so many people out of work during this recession, it should come as no surprise that many are thinking about starting their own businesses. And with so many jobs moving offshore, even people who are still employed might consider starting a business as a back-up plan. Even if you're the owner of a successful start-up, the recession might have you worried. So how can long-standing business owners and first-time entrepreneurs survive these tough times? There's an easy way to mistake-proof any business - all it takes is a little time using free online tools and search engine research with Google. full article

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