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March 9, 2010

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Catalog Finder Online Catalog Search

The 'National Directory of Catalogs' is your link to a $400+ billion dollar marketplace. This directory is the premier source of information covering the mail order catalog industry. It is the source that business professionals and librarians have come to rely on for accurate information on the thousands of catalog companies operating in the USA.

The U.S. catalog industry is made up of thousands of catalogs, some very large and some very small, with many in-between. The full directory brings you an extensive collection of the finest catalogs in the U.S. and Canada.

The MediaFinder Catalog Search provides the ability to perform variable searches on our database from this large directory, and you can create downloadable files of the search results - all without having to order the entire directory.

Order only the catalog information you need!

Select one or more items from each field you need to define your query.
Search Results are presented when a query has been created and executed.

After submitting payment,
you can download the query results in standard formats that allow you to import them into your preferred spreadsheet program, for future processing. more info

F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t
Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

Disposable drain strainers made from 100% corn starch

New Green Product!

In our everyday life we use disposable dishes, utensils, food containers and razor blades among others because they are hygienic, inexpensive and convenient.

All over the planet people are using their original stainless steel or plastic strainers in their homes, offices, hospitals, hotels and schools. These strainers become rife with germs and bacteria due to their continuous contact with food, hair etc.

Strainee's are a line of earth friendly sink, bathtub, and shower strainers to solve the above problems.

The convenience and disposability will offer your customers an option and boost your sales with repetitive purchases because of the disposability.

Great Profit Margins on these biodegrading products that generate repeat sales.

more info

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

Reinvent Relationships with Your Customers Online
By Heather Lutze

Companies spend millions each year asking agencies and marketers to brand their companies in order to reach more prospects. But, how often do these same companies look carefully at the brand that is already built for them by their loyal, current customers? Like it or not, your "fan base" already has built your brand and holds your company's reputation in the palms of their hands through an aggregate of blog posts, review sites, videos, and social media platforms stating what they love and hate about your brand. In the event that this is prominently positive, how do you get everyone to collectively support your brand as a community of evangelists for your company?

The answer is to start loving your devotees, and to give them what they want, a place to network, talk, share advice and continue to preach about your brand. In end, this is what large corporations pay the big bucks for - reverse marketing by and for your already loyal customers, and it's something you can do yourself. full article

My Lifelong Success System
By Jim Straw

Over the past 50+ years, I have made fortune after fortune in a diversity of businesses ... direct selling, service contracting, wholesale merchandising, entertainment (I was a professional Trumpet player, vocalist & Radio Announcer), freight forwarding, import/export, retail merchandising, warehousing, real estate, electronics manufacturing, finder's fees, closeout merchandising, financial brokerage, business consulting, steel fabrication, gold & coal mining, offshore banking, mail-order, writing, and publishing.

As I made those fortunes (while I was still doing it), I wrote down what I was doing, why I had done it, and how I had done it, for future generations of aggressive entrepreneurs. By reading what, why and how I had done it future generations of entrepreneurs wouldn't have to learn by trial and error as I had. full article

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