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December 29, 2010

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B o o k   R e p o r t

Contemporary Database Marketing

Customers--not one-time buyers, but people who make repeat purchases-- are the basis of virtually every profitable business. And the key to turning prospects and one-time buyers into real customers is making the right offer to the right prospects at the right time. That has been always been important, but in today's market it is a mandatory survival skill.

This book shows the reader how to use all of the current statistical tools, techniques, and models to identify profitable prospects and convert them into profitable repeat customers. Interactive workshops on CD enable the reader to work with and manipulate data, models and other predictive tools to gain a hands-on practical knowledge of this most important contemporary marketing tool. more info

F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t
Wholesale Only: This product is available only to resellers

ECOspose: The solution for unused pills

What are you suppose to do with all those unused pills from you or loved one?

You want to throw them away but you don't want someone stealing them out of the garbage. You don't want to flush them because you heard on the news that pollutes the water supply. What's the right answer?

ECOspose is a product that answers the dual problems of medication disposal: abuse and pollution.

ECOspose limits the environmental impact of unused pills as well as medication abuse and misuse.

Make the responsible choice when YOU need to dispose of your medications. Don't simply flush or throw your medications away, use ECOspose TODAY!!!

more info

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

Preventing the Unkindest Cut: Why Now is the Worst Time to Cut Your Marketing Budget
By Sharan Jagpal

It's this simple: During any period of economic hardship, there are winners and losers. Choke your marketing efforts down to a trickle - or just as bad, direct your dollars into the wrong channels - and you'll surely find yourself among the latter group. Overhaul your approach to marketing and you'll be positioned to swoop down and grab some of the customer dollars that previously went to a competitor or even capture an untapped market. continued

Backing Your Passion
By Vaughan Evans

Are you unfulfilled in your job? You are not alone. One-half of US employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, up from two-fifths 10 years ago. Perhaps it's time to move on. But where? And will you be successful in your new job? Or would it be a case of "out of the frying pan into the fire"? continued

P r o d u c t s

Life Learning Device
Daily Devotions

Doggie Calmness
Calmness and Security

Frubi Eye Shades
Soft Protective Eyewear
for Kids

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