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April 15, 2009

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B o o k   R e p o r t

The DMA 2009 Statistical Fact Book
Revised, expanded, and the best yet!
Your definitive source for direct marketing data
The new 2009 edition offers a concise overview of vital direct marketing information, set in an easy-to-use format, from more than 30 leading research sources. Whether you are looking for basic benchmark information or hoping to find more detailed data, this report will arm you with the facts you need. The Fact Book is your exclusive source for essential direct marketing statistics, benchmarks, projections, as well as breakdowns of production costs, revenues, and expenditures.

F e a t u r e d   P r o d u c t

Key Ring Money Capsule Cash Can™
Cash Can™ offers a handy and discrete way to carry emergency cash. This unique novelty product was introduced through the EDC Forums (Every Day Carry), an online social media gathering of individuals interested in useful items to carry with them at all times. It became an instant success. Members review the product as being of very high quality, both fit and finish, and very handy for carrying emergency cash.

The most distinctive feature of the Cash Can™ is the built-in security. A single bill is folded in thirds long ways, then folded or rolled around the spindle. The spindle is inserted into the tube and the supplied stainless steel key ring is then installed through the small hole in the tip of the spindle, just like putting a key on the ring.

The Cash Can™ is available exclusively through Sunshine Products USA, designer and sole manufacturer. Seeking resellers and distributors

For more information:
Or call 800-416-8645

D i r e c t   M a r k e t i n g   A d v i c e

25 Secrets of Lasting Success
by Bob Bly
Bob Bly is a full-time freelance copywriter specializing in direct marketing. He earns well over $700,000 a year from his writing, speaking, and consulting, and became a self-made
multi-millionaire while still in his 30s.

A copywriter for more than a quarter of a century, Bob has written promotions for more than 100 clients including Phillips, Agora, KCI, 21st Century, Weiss Research, EBI Medical Systems, Sony, IBM, AT&T, Grumman, Crain Communications, McGraw-Hill, Intuit, and AlliedSignal.

McGraw-Hill calls Bob Bly "America's top copywriter."

During this time Bob has learned some very important lessons of lasting success. In this article, Bob shares some of his best tips.

Read 25 Secrets of Lasting Success

The Cost-Cutter's Guide to Growth: Five Tips for Building Growth Muscles in a Weak Economy
by Dan Adams
Every business is affected at least a little by our current down economy. As business owners and managers we must not let a stone go unturned when seeking out new ways to operate leaner and meaner.

In this article you will uncover five solid tips for building your business muscle so you can prosper in this poor economy.

Read Five Tips for Building Growth in a Weak Economy

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Cleverly designed water
bottles for runners and others

Chanteuse Music Publishing
Interactive educational
products for children and adults

ZAPP Chewing Gum
No sugar, no artificial sweeteners

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