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Sales Letters and Testimonials: One Trick to Improve Your Conversion Rate
By Todd Bates

The majority of people don't want to be first to try something new. Yes, there are a few brave souls who are pioneers and push the envelope in business and exploration, but they are the minority. When considering a product or service, most people want to know that others have tried it. If people in their own sphere of influence haven't tested it, how do they know it will work? Consumers don't want to waste time, money and energy by blindly trying something just to have it fail.

When sending out sales letters for your product or service, keep in mind that your prospects will have doubt. Your sales letter might be well crafted and assuage some of their fears, but the letter could end up in the trash before the prospect makes it to the call to action. It lands in the trashcan when consumers aren't confident enough about what you are offering.

Most sales letters attempt to control fear by using one, two, or all three of the following elements: a time limiting offer, unbelievable pricing, or a powerful call to action. While these methods should be used, businesses still have additional opportunity to reach prospects. You can remove even more doubt from the prospect's mind and compel them to take action by using the unused space in your sales letter.

What unused space, you may ask?

Most businesses don't print on the reverse side of their letter! Blank space doesn't sell. When you can incorporate copy on the reverse side of your letter you are giving yourself one more opportunity to convert that prospect into a customer. One of the most effective methods of copy to use on the reverse side of your sales letter is that of testimonials.

Testimonials placed on the reverse side of your sales letter provide the following benefits:

• They let the prospect know others have tried your service before
• They provide you with another opportunity to make a call to action
• They demonstrate third party verification
• They allow you to share more of your marketing message (Hint: testimonials should share key parts of your service and how you differ from the competition)

By combining the power of testimonials with your sales letter, your business will get more phone calls each time your letter goes out. For maximum impact, gather testimonials that speak specifically to your core offering (and post these testimonials on your website, too!). The more specific the testimonials are, the more they will help your letter. By trying this one effective trick, you will be able to lessen a prospect's fear and see real improvements with conversion.

About the Author:
Todd Bates is a leading business consultant, speaker, author, and President and Owner of Todd Bates Systems. Bates has dedicated his career to teaching over 25,000 businesses and entrepreneurs how to thrive.


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