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Insurance Marketing, Postcards - 15 Top Postcard Offers/Direct Mail
4 Article Series on Postcard Marketing - article 4 of 4
By Jeffrey Dobkin

Post cards are excellent direct marketing vehicles. Because of their short format, they're not great at closing sales, but they're awesome at flushing out people who are interested, generating inquiries and making your phone ring with very warm prospects.

This is the fourth article in the series on increasing response by creating effective post cards. The first article set the goals and objectives of our post card marketing campaign. The second and third articles examined how to write and design post cards that draw maximum response and make your phone ring. Here are 15 offers you can make to get your phone to ring.

One of the biggest benefits of any direct mail marketing campaigns is it can be so well-targeted to highly qualified suspects, prospects, and current and past customers. Postcards can be mailed with precision to a highly focused mailing list. Since postcards can be so selectively mailed to a target audience, unlike most advertising mediums such as newspapers, magazines, trade shows, radio and TV, there's no wasted advertising expense.

Direct marketing campaigns using post cards are low in cost because post cards are cheap to print, address and mail. A very aggressive marketing campaign - including mailing a postcard every two weeks for a full year - is just $13. This cost includes the post card, printing, mailshop services (inkjetting the address and sorting in zip sequence) and postage costs.

Of all direct mail formats, postcards are easiest to handle - no folding, stuffing, tabbing, inserting - just address and mail. And postcards make your phone ring by using the the age old direct marketing criteria of the right headline, clever copywriting, bright graphics, and an irresistible offer with a solid call to action: "Just pick up the phone and call right now for this FREE Offer!"

I did mention you need a great offer to make the phone ring, right? Here are 15 suggestions…

Remember the objective of direct mail marketing post card campaign is generally not to sell anything - it's just to have the reader call you and to make your phone ring. So make your offers sound great, and make "calling for information" sound so tempting and easy the reader just naturally reaches for the phone. Here are some offers to make the phone ring written specifically for the insurance industry. Not in the insurance field? Modify some of these and they'll work for you!

-  New types of coverage are available from our office, and from our new line of providers. Call now and get our FREE booklet on…
-  New LTCI discount rates.
-  New Low Cost Travelers Insurance.
-  New types of policies are available… Call now to see the very different kinds of policies you can now get…
-  New Boat protection insurance
-  Now Providing New Tractor Insurance
-  New half year policy - why buy a whole year when you just need…
-  FREE Upgrade. As our providers change, some new policies offer extended coverage for the same rate. Call and see if you are eligible for an upgrade for FREE! Call now and…
-  New Lower Rates: Some rates go up, some just go down. Call us for our free list of cost reductions…
-  New Discount Insurance Companies. Our New "No frills" providers now offer ultra low cost bare-bones coverages. Call us right now to see if you qualify for…
-  FREE Policy Review. (Make this a wonderful twice-a-year offering, or "On Special Request.") Call us for a…
-  New products are available in Auto, Life, Health, LTC and business protection. Call now for…
-  Our New Providers offer better rates, policies and coverage. Call now for…
-  More Protection, Less Cost. Selected coverages. Call now for…
-  Thanks for your business
-  Thanks for your referrals
-  Free Quotes. Always our pleasure to quote.
-  Immediate coverage - Immediate bond. Why wait? if you're in a hurry and need coverage our agents
-  Immediate quotes on most coverages on your request!
-  Free Lunch. Yes, we're buying! Call for…
-  FREE Booklet! "11 Ways to Save on Your Insurance!" "How to ask for and get a lower rate!"
-  FREE Analysis! Let me look over your policy portfolio and I'll show you where you can save money. Get rid of lousy coverage you don't need.
-  Lower your risk: Call us first for all your insurance quotes.

About the Author:
This is the final in the 4-part series on creating an effective direct mail postcard marketing campaign by Jeffrey Dobkin. Direct marketing with post cards is easy and effective, IF you know how. You need to 1. know what to say, 2. who to say it to, 3. create a very hot headline, 4. make an attractive offer, and 5. blend lively graphics with 6. enticing copy and 7. mail to the right list. For the complete article, and more direct mail marketing ideas and articles, including other articles on effective post card marketing please visit

Jeffrey Dobkin will now take your questions, call him on it: 610-642-1000 rings on his desk. Write to him at The Danielle Adams Publishing Company · Box 100 · Merion Station, PA 19066. Dobkin has written 4 books on increasing response in your direct mail and direct marketing campaigns. Titles include "How To Market A Product for Under $500," "Direct Marketing Strategies," and "Uncommon Marketing Techniques." Please order his books at the NMOA Book Store or call directly, or download Dobkin's e-books on this website,
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