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How to Grow Your Business using a Green Snake?
By Wesley Murph

"Snake," I shouted.

"Snake," I shouted again.

"Watch out for the snake," I passionately yelled at my wife.

At which point my wife burst out laughing.

And who could blame her?

In front of us was a 5-inch green snake slithering with all his might to escape our thundering footsteps. The poor snake looked more like a writhing victim of an epileptic seizure than the big, bad venomous snake I thought it was.

Why were we staring at a green snake?

Every Saturday morning my wife and I trail run in a park located a few minutes from where we live in Portland Oregon. And on that particular Saturday, this snake squirmed himself in front of us, and was hell bent on getting to the other side of the trail.

"I never knew you were afraid of snakes?" my wife asked.

"Yeah... uh... I guess so. I mean I know I don't like them. But my fear does seem blown out of proportion. That snake had to be shorter than a stick of butter," I replied.

My wife chuckled again, and we took off running.

Later that day, it dawned on me that my fear of snakes has a lot in common with your ability to attract new customers to your business.


Let me show you how:

To attract new customers you have to use a message that calls attention to your business. One way to do this is to talk about something you know your prospect fears, like making a bad-buying decision.

I'll use myself as an example:

My wife and I are shopping for a new house. And to say we're "gun shy" is an understatement. That's because we were the fools who purchased a home in California in 2003 during the red-hot real estate boom. And already our home has lost 30% of its value.

Such is life.

But I wish our agent in 2003 had cautioned us about buying in a market that was crazy-insane. But instead, our agent (as well as our broker) kept telling us to buy... buy... buy – which turned out to be very bad advice.

Do I blame them?

No, I don't. I'm a big boy. And I made the decision to buy a house when I should of passed. No need to second guess myself now. But this explains why my wife and I are so fearful of buying a house today.

So enter Jamie. Jamie is our real estate agent today, who tells us what's a good buy and what isn't. I love this honesty too because Jamie comes across as someone who's more concerned with us making a good decision than her commission.

And this honesty is something I treasure.

Your prospects are the same way.

And if you'll just tell your prospects how to make a good buying decision, based on all you know about your niche, your prospect's fear will melt away, which will help you close more sales.

Which brings us back to my fear of snakes.

The same fear I felt when I crossed paths with that 5-inch green snake is how your prospects feel before they buy from you. So be the guy or girl who gives your prospects honest advice that helps them make a good buying decision. And you will miraculously melt their fear... build their trust... and grow your business all in one.

About the Author:
Author and TV personality Wesley Murph is the guy business owners call when they want more customers. During the last 12 years, Wesley learned how to get prospects to pay attention and buy, using marketing campaigns that attracted more than 2,000 regular clients to his small businesses. Wes also landed one of his businesses on Cesar Millan's popular TV show The Dog Whisperer. He won Dan Kennedy's prestigious marketing contest. He took 2nd place in Clayton Makepeace's marketing contest. And he's worked with marketing honchos Jay Abraham, Scott Haines (Gary Halbert's most famous protégé), Brad Petersen and Spike Humer. You can learn more about Wesley by going to


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