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Facebook: Optimizing Your Profile Picture and Creating a Custom Landing Fan Page
By Patrick Soules

There are many ways to optimize your Facebook page but one of the easiest ways to do this is to utilize your profile picture space. Many people do not realize that Facebook actually allows for a profile picture to be up to 200 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall!

If Facebook is giving you the opportunity to fill this space with whatever content you'd like, you might as well take advantage of it!

What you are going to want to do is create a new profile picture that is 200 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall. You don't have to use this exact sizing, but you might as well make your profile picture as big as possible.
You probably already have a profile picture uploaded to your page that is nowhere near 600 pixels tall. This means that you are going to have a good chunk of extra space to fill. You will need to figure out what it is that you want to put in this space.

What is the main goal of the Facebook page? Are you trying to drive traffic to your website? Are you trying to gain more fans? This is a great opportunity to display some important information. Think of your profile picture as a billboard - you need to have a clear call to action or the space is wasted.

In our case we used this space to ask our visitors to click the Like button and to get social with us on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Since adding these clear calls to action in our profile picture we have noticed we are gaining fans at a faster rate!

How to create the profile picture:

The photo editing software I use to create my profile pictures is called GIMP 2 and it is totally free. You can download the software at the link in the description of this video. Once you have GIMP 2 downloaded and installed on your computer you are ready to create your profile picture.

First you are going to want to open up the GIMP software and click on File > New.

A little box should pop up. In this box you are going to specify the size of the image you are about to create. You want to choose 200 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall and click OK. You should now see your canvas, which is the exact size that your profile picture is going to be.

From here all you have to do is create your billboard. Fill this space with whatever information you feel is important for your visitors to see. Have a clear call to action and try to utilize the entire space.
Once you have created your profile picture you will want to click File > Save As. Be sure to save your file in a location you will remember. Now all you have to do is upload your new profile picture to Facebook!

I strongly encourage you all to take advantage of this extra space Facebook is giving you to better optimize your Facebook page.

Creating a Custom Landing Page for Your Facebook Fan Page.

A lot of businesses are missing out on a great opportunity by not having a custom landing page for their Facebook fan page. Most Facebook pages look the same in design and layout. For people to “Like” your page you need to stand out among the competition. Custom landing pages allow you to do just that.

A custom landing page, also known as a welcome tab, is the first page a new visitor will see when they click on your Facebook fan page. This page is very likely to be the deciding factor in whether or not the visitor decides to become a fan of your page by clicking the Like button. This is your opportunity to peak their interest and give them a reason to click the Like button.

The first step to creating a custom welcome tab is to ask yourself what you want the visitor to do. Do you want them to become a fan? Do you want them to visit your website? You need to come up with a clear call to action.

Once you have decided on a clear call to action the next step is to provide your visitors with a reason to do this action. If you want them to like your page, tell them why it benefits them. Maybe by becoming a fan of your page they will get access to a white paper or a special discount. Whatever your call to action is, make sure to give your visitors a good reason to participate.

Don't have any graphic design or programming skills? You don't need them! There is a great website called that allows you to create a custom landing page for free. You can choose from several different welcome tab templates to start with. Once you have decided on a template you can upload images or videos, add your own text, change the colors and even add hyperlinks! Once you are satisfied with your design, simply click on the install button and your new welcome tab will appear on Facebook!

About the Author:
Patrick Soules is from the Association of Strategic Marketing

Editors Note: To get more training in Social Media Marketing and in other vital business building subjects, please visit the class offerings available from the Lorman Education Services and NMOA partnership.
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