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 Sure You Can Write Great Sales Letters 

by Robert W. Westenberg

A guide to getting through the "bale of mail" people are receiving daily. From Bob Westenberg, an outstanding letter-writing specialist who has had nearly half a century of experience at producing results for clients of all kinds.  It's practical and basic and usable...right away...not "blue sky" and theory.

If letter writing is something you dread, or hate to do, or lack experience in—find out the how-to of successful letters. Learn new approaches and variations that are proven result-getters. Find examples of successful letters and mailings with insights on why they were successful.

29 pages of potent material to boost your letter writing skills and results.

Get practical advice on "getting ready," overcoming writer's block, best formats for your letters, prods for getting started, the crucial opening paragraph, potent P.S.'s—and much more. Even includes "guaranteed business-getter" strategy.

Write great sales letters of your own...this guide will show you how to do it, for years to come!

In spite of the deluge of direct mail and other information these days, dullness in sales letters is more the norm than the exception.

Blame part of it on computers.  They've de-personalized people, turning them into account numbers and databases.  While they offer some excellent opportunities for adding personalization to letters, instead many of them crank out mass "form" letters that have all the personal appeal of an OCCUPANT mailing.

And there are not many people around any more who really know how to write a good, sound, creative sales letter. But there's no need for your letters to be dull, drab, or boring. You can do plenty of things to put some spark and life into yours.

It won't happen overnight.  But if you follow some rules (and break some others), you'll make it happen eventually...and continuously. Best of all, you'll up your response, and keep on improving it.

Some of these suggestions will add to the cost of your letters.  But they'll also add considerably to their effectiveness. And there are times when cost is insignificant when compared to the potential payback.

Robert W. Westenberg, a Board of Advisors member for the NMOA, is a copywriter and consultant in Sedona, AZ. His advertising and direct mail writing career spans more than 40 years. He is a four-time winner of the Direct Marketing Association's "Leader Award" and Dartnell’s "Gold Medal Award" for Excellence in Business Letter Writing. For over 25 years, his work has been included in The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time.

How much is it?

Bob Westenberg’s Sure You Can Write Great Sales Letters guide is only $9.95 and is conveniently downloadable in one PDF format document. You will need (the free) Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view and print the guide. Here are a few tips about using PDF files.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as PayPal. Please click here to order Sure You Can Write Great Sales Letters and receive instructions for immediate downloading.


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