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 199 "Starts" and "Stops"
 For Successful Sales Letters

 199 Starts and Stops for Successful Direct Mail Sales Letters
From the Archives of the National Mail Order Association

Have you ever had trouble coming up with an opening line to start a direct mail sales letter? Or maybe you've been stuck on the closing sentence before; those final words that compel someone to take the action you want! If you've been writing copy for any time at all you have, we all have. It's a constant challenge to come up with something different and effective.

Yes, we all need something at one point or another to help stimulate our creative juices when it comes to writing effective direct mail sales letters.

That's why we are excited to bring you this rare collection of sale letter 'Openings and Closings' from our archives. What makes them so special is that they are old. They were created by some of Americas best copywriters from yesteryear. They are pure gold for today's copywriter...they are literally so old they are new again. Openings and closings so unique that you'll have people wondering how you came up with such a powerful sale letter.

This collection is truly a must-have for any copywriter to pull from. It is a powerful compilation of tested ways to get your prospect's attention, "forcing" him or her to read your message and to take action.

This collection will give you practical ideas for strengthening the most important parts of a sales letter: the opening and the closing.

Experienced letter writers agree that the first few sentences—getting the reader's attention and interest—are the toughest part of any letter-writing job. Once you get to the "body" of your sales letter, the going is easier. You know your own product—you can describe it, tell how it works, and play up its features.

If, however, your sales letter falls short in the opening sentences, your prospect never gets to read those good sales arguments of yours!

Here's what history's great copywriters say about 'Starts and Stops'


“Small Wonder that experienced sales-letter writers take the start of their letters so seriously. They know that success depends on those fateful few lines immediately under the ‘Dear Sir.’ They know that once they have hit upon a good start, the rest of the sales letter almost writes itself.”

FRANK EGNER, in “How to Make Sales Letters Make Money.”

“Just as the headline of a mail order advertisement decides whether or not the prospect will read the copy, so the first sentence of a direct mail letter usually decides whether or not the prospect will read the letter.”

JOHN CAPLES, “Tested Advertising Methods.”

“What is said about headline writing is equally true of letter writing. Your opening sentence may make or break your letter, no matter what is said afterwards.”

MAXWELL SACKHEIM, in “Advertising and Selling.”

“Somebody ought to invent a self-starter for copywriters. Getting the first ten words on paper is the copywriter’s hardest job.”

JULIAN ROGERS, in “Printers’ Inc.”


“As the tail is to the kite, as the rudder is to the ship, so is the ‘close’ to any important letter.”

ROBERT COLLIER, in “The Robert Collier Letter Book.”

“The most difficult part of a sales letter is the beginning; the most critical part is the close.”

G. B. ROTCHKISS, in “Advanced Business Correspondence.

Experts have noted that the right start can make a difference of as much as 800% in the pulling power of a sales message!

After you've developed a good "start" for your letter, and after you've told your sales story, you need a good close. Many a sale has been lost because the sales letter was weak in making a bid for action. A powerful, action compelling ending for your sales letter can mean an extra 25% to 50% in sales!

In this compilation of 199 "starts" and "stops" for sales letters, you will find tested ways to get your prospect to read your sales message—tested ways to get your prospect to act. The material shown here has been compiled from among thousands of outstandingly profitable letters. These are NOT theoretical writings of "armchair wizards." They are NOT stock phrases of a "ready letter writer." They are the actual openings and closings of letters that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of actual orders.

Each selection was chosen on the basis of effectiveness and adaptability. If you are alert to recognizing the possibilities, this historic volume gives you many times more material than its title promises. For although the title is 199 Starts and Stops for Successful Sales Letters, each example given here will suggest additional variations and adaptations. 199 examples? No! — 10 times 199 examples, or as many times 199 as human ingenuity can devise.

How much is it?

199 "Starts" and "Stops" for Successful Direct Mail Sales Letters is only $24.95 and includes FREE the 24 Human Wants To Direct Your Sales Appeal To, a listing of human emotions that will help you understand the psychological part of advertising. This helps you determine the right buttons to push in your sales message. Both items are conveniently downloadable in one PDF document.

Click here to order and receive instructions for the immediate downloading of the Book and Guide.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as PayPal.

Order 199"Starts" and "Stops" for Successful Sales Letters and FREE Listing of the 24 Human Wants to Direct Your Sales Appeal To.


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