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 Secrets of Successful Direct Mail 


"The Most Valuable Book Ever Written on Direct Mail"
—Hank Burnett

Unfortunately, we are sold out of this book. Please visit our online catalog.

Secrets of Successful Direct Mail—a legendary book on successful direct-mail marketing and advertising by the late direct- ail marketing giant Dick Benson—has just been republished by Bottom Line Books.

Why has Bottom Line Books decided to reprint this sought-after, how-to classic now?

Martin Edelston, CEO of Boardroom Inc. explains: "Direct marketing, in one form or another, is part of all our lives. It's used by just about every business and non-profit... on church bulletins and utility bills, menus left under doors, coupon ads in newspapers and magazines, inserts with your bills—even the ads on back of ATM receipts and matchbooks. And, almost all direct marketing can be done better!"

In his foreword to the 1989 edition of Benson's book, Hank Burnett—one of the great copywriters of all time—said, "This is the equivalent of a doctoral-level course on how to make a great deal of money legitimately through the mail, and it may well be one of the most valuable books ever written on the subject."

Put simply, Dick Benson's view of direct mail marketing is remarkably simple: The promoter's goal is to get prospects to raise their hands and say they're interested in what you have to sell. His book shows how to get those hands in the air.

Secrets of Successful Direct Mail is about everything Dick Benson learned in 40 years in the business. How valuable is this information?

As Marty Edelston, one of Dick Benson's clients for over 20 years, says now, "Dick's book, Secrets of Successful Direct Mail, has wonderful, clear lessons on how to do direct marketing right. I wish it had been available when I was starting out. I learned a lot from it, and you will too—no matter what you're selling."

Brian Kurtz, Boardroom's Executive Vice- resident—and a direct marketing titan in his own right—notes, "Dick's influence on our company has been enormous. As the primary consultant throughout our history, he deserves much of the credit for Boardroom's success, longevity, and solid reputation."

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