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 How to Market a Product for Under $500 


A Handbook for Continual Visibility Marketing
by Jeffrey Dobkin

Money is not the criterion for the successful launch of a new product. Everything you need to know to bring your product to the attention of a national marketplace for under $500 is included in this book.

This book will make your marketing EASIER, FASTER, and CHEAPER than ever!

A great reference tool and an unbelievable marketing guide for any business! Over 400 pages jam-packed with in-depth direct marketing information. Make your marketing 2x, 5x, 10 times as effective and you LOWER the cost. Shows you how to create effective low-cost campaigns easily. Find new markets effortlessly. Test new markets at almost no cost. Increase the effectiveness of any campaign, guaranteed. No theory. No history. Plenty of samples and examples.

Learn the inside secrets of direct marketing in a few nights of easy reading. Specific How-To information you can put to use right now to launch a product, or make your current marketing even more effective and at lower cost. An easy and fast plan you can work yourself or with limited help, for office – or your home. Explicit How-To instructions: for both experienced and non-experienced marketers in traditional and non-traditional marketing methods. You never learned this stuff in college!


  • Figure out and write your entire marketing publicity plan in one evening
  • Execute your publicity campaign in its entirety the next day? By yourself?
  • Increase the chance your press release will be published from 5% to 85%
  • How to get your products in catalogs
  • Best and worst months to advertise
  • When definitely not to use long copy
  • Learn exactly when envelope teaser copy will spell death to your mailing package
  • Analysis of your library’s best marketing reference guides
  • Your press release – read this and you’ll never write an ineffective press release again
  • Revealed: the secret process editors really use to select press releases
  • Are you getting the lowest ad rates and best position? Here’s How – Step By Step
  • How to determine in which magazines to place ads
  • How to write an effective headline
  • The second most important line in your ad
  • Correct the greatest mistake made in direct marketing
  • The most effective part of any direct mail package
  • No Budget? No worry, you don’t need one
  • No Literature? You don’t need it. Really
  • Get an ad you like out of an ad agency

Order How to Market a Product for Under $500 online now!
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as PayPal. The cost is only $39.95.

Note: How to Market a Product for Under $500 is available in electronic format. You will receive an email with a link to download the book upon completion of your order.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as PayPal.

Order How to Market a Product for Under $500 today for just $39.95.


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