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 National Directory of Catalogs  

Print Version No Longer Available.

The National Directory of Catalogs has now been merged into a web accessible database that is now the largest online database of U.S. and Canadian magazines, catalogs, newsletters, newspapers, and journals with 77,000+ titles. You can get list rental, advertising, circulation data and staff contact information.

This data is constantly being updated so you have the latest information possible. 

Select and download your own customized lists. You get unlimited use of this massive MediaFinder database for either six months at $795.00 or one full year at $1,295.00

Contact: or call her at: 612-788-1673 for ordering information.

NOTE: If you just need Catalog data, and not the other media found in the combined MediaFinder database, you can use just the Catalog Database and choose just one, or a few categories of Catalogs, and receive them in electronic format. Click Here.


The National Directory of Catalogs is your link to a $400+ billion dollar marketplace.

This directory is the premier source of information covering the mail order catalog industry. It is the source that business professionals and librarians have come to rely on for accurate information on the thousands of catalog companies operating in the USA.

The U.S. catalog industry is made up of thousands of catalogs, some very large and some very small, with many in-between. This directory brings you an extensive collection of the finest catalogs in the U.S. and Canada.

In this 18th edition, the National Directory of Catalogs contains 1,123 pages featuring detailed information on 12,330 consumer and business-to-business catalogs, and organized in 231 subject categories.

To help readers find catalogs fast, the catalog directory is arranged alphabetically in four different indexes to do easily targeted searches:

  1. Catalogs arranged in sections by primary product sold, with each section in alphabetical order.
  2. Catalog firms by each state, listed alphabetically, and followed by Canadian catalog firms listed alphabetically by province.
  3. Catalogs by company name, title of catalog and page number
  4. Catalogs by catalog title, company name and page number

The National Directory of Catalogs is the most accurate resource available covering this billion-dollar industry. It is the standard in its field. The National Directory of Catalogs is an important resource tool for anyone selling to catalogs, including manufacturers and sales reps searching for catalogs to sell their product to, direct marketing vendors and service providers looking to expand their customer base, and the market researcher.

Click here to view the Introduction, Table of Contents and sample pages.

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