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 High-Performance Interactive Marketing 


by Christopher Ryan

Develop high-level strategies that help you read the big picture and drive more customers to all of your locations, both brick-and-mortar and digital. Improve your marketing focus with smart tactics that merge new technologies with shifting market demands.

Develop the instincts and insights for moving quickly and intelligently to seize profitable new opportunities and avoid costly mistakes in this dynamic new marketing world.

Increase your potential for success with a clear view of the future the evolving field of interactive marketing presents.

Despite the uncertain economy, despite the dramatic drop in the NASDAQ, despite the crashing dotcoms, you can make money with Interactive Marketing…with the right guidance. That's where the real-time, real-world practical ideas and advice of High-Performance Interactive Marketing will help you navigate the dangerous but profitable waters of the new interactive world.  The business press of recent years has been filled with dramatic interactive marketing success stories. But the landscape behind these exciting pictures is littered with the remains of the failures–those who couldn’t handle the problems and challenges of this exciting but challenging and ever-changing new world.

High Performance Interactive Marketing gives you all the strategic and tactical tools and insights you'll need to succeed in the exciting, high potential new marketing and media world.

Table of Contents



Section 1 Navigating the Changing Marketing Landscape 1

Chapter ONE Interactive Marketing 3
How Interactive and Traditional Marketing Differ 4
Benefits and Challenges 8
Levels of Interactivity 10
Choice: The Key Element in Interactive Marketing 12
How to Appeal to the Interactive Audience 12
How to Overcome the Inertia Factor 14
How to Get Started in Interactive Marketing 16

Chapter TWO Disintermediation and the Changing Role of Marketing and Sales 19
The Impact of Disintermediation on Sales and Marketing 20
Parts of the Sales Process Moving to the Internet 23
The New Sales and Marketing Model 24
How to Prosper Despite Disintermediation 32
Tough Lessons Learned about Disintermediation 32

Chapter THREE Bridging the Gap between Marketing and Sales 34
Different Roles 35
The Consequences of the Gap 37
Strategies for bridging the Gap 38

Chapter FOUR The Huge Impact of Infomediaries and Portals 43
Types of Infomediaries 44
Types of Portals 45
The Threat from Category Killers 47
Characteristics of Informediaries and Portals 48
Online Auctions and Exchanges 50
The Future of Infomediaries and Portals 51

Chapter FIVE E-Commerce 54
The Benefits and Challenges 54
E-Benefits for E-Business 57
Techniques to Create Repeat Customers 58
How to Insure Good Data to Drive Your E-Business 60
Customer Support as a Strategic Advantage 61

Chapter SIX The New Communications Model 66
Element One: Entertainment 67
Element Two: Information 69
Element Three: Persuasion 70
Element Four: Interaction 70
The Merger of Entertainment and Marketing 71

Section 2 Interactive Marketing Strategies That Can Ensure Success 75

Chapter SEVEN Traditional Media’s Role in the Interactive Era 77
The Direct Mail Dinosaur 77
Broadcast Advertising 84
Trade Show Marketing 85
Principles That Will Guide Media in the Interactive Era 77

Chapter EIGHT Smart Web Marketing 91
Advantages of the Web over Traditional Media 94
How to Use the Web as a Lead Generation Tool 95
Web Banner Advertising 97
Email Marketing 99
Online Newsletters 102
Hoe to Create a Killer Web Site 105
Top Six Rules for Web Marketing 108

Chapter NINE How to Create and Implement Successful Web Marketing Events 109
When to Use and not Use Internet Events 110
Partners and Speaker Issues in Online Seminars 111
Promoting Your Web Events 113
Setting Objectives and Measuring Results 115
Six Rules for Successful Online Marketing Events 116

Chapter TEN Television in the Interactive Era 117
Important Role of Choice in Television 119
Number of Channels on the Mega-Channel System 120
Viewer Access Methods 121
Public Acceptance of Interactive TV 122
Shopping on the Electronic Mall 125
Programming Economics 127
How to Use Direct Response TV 130
How to Use Infomercials 133

Chapter ELEVEN Using ROI to Prove the Value of Interactive Marketing 137
Web Site Metrics 139
Fundamentals of Marketing ROI 140
How to Calculate Interactive Marketing ROI 141
Hidden ROI Metrics You Should Identify 143
An Inquiry Conversion Formula for Business-to-Business Marketers 145
"Soft" Measures That Matter 146
The Payoff for Focusing on ROI 148

Chapter TWELVE E-Branding and Positioning 150
Differences between Traditional and Online Positioning 152
How to Build Your E-Brand over Time 153
Important Positioning Questions 155
Positioning Models That Can Differentiate Your Company 157
How to Develop Your E-Branding Strategy 159
Keys to Building a Unique Position and E-Brand Identity 161

Section 3 The Role of Technologies in Interactive Marketing 163

Chapter THIRTEEN Database Marketing 165
Ten Ways to Use a Database Marketing System 168 168
The In-House Database 170 170
Data Collection Methods 170 170
Building Relationships with Database Marketing 174 174
Data Mining and Data Warehouse 176 176

Chapter FOURTEEN Fourteen Navigating the Marketing Automation Model 178
The Marketing Automation Process 180 180
The Benefits of Marketing Automation 180 180
Business Drivers for Marketing Automation 182 182
The Internet and Marketing Automation–A Winning Combination 184 184
Other Important Uses of Marketing Automation 186 186
Marketing Automation Pitfalls to Avoid 188 188
Hoe to Automate with Minimal IT Involvement 189 189

Chapter FIFTEEN Fifteen Heuristic Marketing Techniques 191
Overcoming Subjectivity in Marketing 192 192
The Search for the Perfect Marketing System 195 195
Categories of Heuristic Systems 196 196
Drawbacks and Problems with Predictive Systems 198 198
Artificial Intelligence 199 199
Neural Networks 201 201
Pattern Recognition Systems 205 205
Sources of Data in Heuristic Systems 207 205
Strategies for Creating Heuristic Systems 208 208

Chapter SIXTEEN Sixteen Virtual Reality 212
Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Reality Marketing 213 213
Disadvantages of Virtual Reality Marketing 214 214
Virtual Digital Advertising 215 215
Characteristics of Virtual Reality Systems 216 216
Virtual Reality and Virtual Marketing Applications 220 220
Components of Virtual Reality Marketing Systems 222 222
The Future of Virtual Marketing 226 226

Chapter SEVENTEEN Seventeen Cultural and Business Trends That Will Affect Interactive Marketing 229
The Certainty of Change 239

Section 4 The Future of Interactive Marketing 241

Chapter EIGHTEEN Privacy and Other Tough Interactive Marketing Issues 243
How Consumers View Privacy Issues 244
The Opt-In Versus Opt-Out Debate 247
Privacy Issues in the Wireless World 248
Options for Dealing with Consumer Data 249
Strategies to Ensure Online Privacy 251
Interactive Marketing’s Impact on Retail Channels 253
The Move to Tax E-Commerce 254
The Rift between the "Haves" and Have-Nots" 255
Discredited Predictions 256

Section 5 Playing the Interactive Game to Win 258

Chapter NINETEEN Aligning Your Organization to Successful Interactive Marketing 261
Success Characteristics of the Virtual Era Corporation 262
Be a First-Prover Organization 266
The Virtual Marketing Organization 267
Issues in Managing Virtual Marketing Organizations 269
The Impact of Telecommuting 270
On-Demand, Customized Manufacturing 271

Chapter TWENTY How You Can Take Advantage of the New Marketing Technologies 274
Don’t Bet the Farm on Any Specific Technology 275
Focus on Content, not Technology 276
Beware of Information Overload 276
The Importance of Contrarian Marketers 279
Eight Strategies for Interactive Marketing Success 280

Glossary 285

Index 293

What experts are already saying about High-Performance Interactive Marketing

This work is a must-read for the 21st-century marketer. Ryan provides the foundation for understanding where marketing is going. The old rules of marketing are gone…this is the new marketing rule book.
-Tracy Emerick
Taurus Direct Marketing

Chris Ryan’s High-Performance Interactive  Marketing provides a laser focus on the fundamental power shift of our time–the shift from vendor to customer power. If your company does not have this perspective, then it will not succeed, regardless of its stature or past reputation. Ryan delivers this perspective. You have the choice: read this book or your competitor will. The latter is not an option if you wish to do business in t he interactive future.
-Dr. Richard D. Hackathorn
Enterprise Management Associates

Here's someone who really understands how the worlds of sales and marketing really work. Ryan reconceptualizes the marketing he's (and we've) known to fit the strategies and tactics needed in today's interactive world.
-Rick Kean
Executive Director
Business Marketing Association

A remarkably timely book that provides marketers with hands-on, practical, and valuable advice for becoming more effective and expert in interactive marketing.
-Thomas D. Kuczmarski
Author, Managing New Products
President, Kuczmarski & Associates

Chris Ryan’s latest book is an important work. It not only summarizes the world of interactive marketing; it's loaded with specifics on how e- usiness and traditional companies can be more successful by taking advantage of new technologies.
-Ben Martindale
CEO, eGrail, Inc.

I’ve had many occasions to witness Chris’s marketing expertise. He is truly a master at his craft. Chris has done an excellent job of presenting his expertise for all to benefit from. This is a really good book.
-Mitch Selbiger
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Aether Systems, Inc.

From interactive strategy to in-the-field Web tactics…this one has everything you need to know about marketing in the electronic age…a marketing compendium for the New Economy. It gives the reader invaluable insights into successful interactive marketing without all the hype and hoopla.
-Don E. Schultz
Author, Integrated Marketing Communications
President, Agora, Inc.

Chris Ryan has long been acknowledged as one o f the nation’s best direct marketers and at the forefront of interactive technologies. His new book shows why. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to compete in the New Economy.
-Brigette White
Vice President, Arch Paging, Inc.

About the Author

Christopher Ryan is one of the nation’s leading authorities on interactive and direct marketing for more than two decades with major marketing successes in the software, e-commerce, and financial services industries. He is Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, for FrontRange Solutions in Boulder, Colorado. He has held executive marketing positions with such leading organizations as GroupWorks, Saligent Software, Sybase, PeopleSoft, and Group1 Software.

Ryan is a much sought-after speaker on marketing and technology and has presented at hundreds of seminars and conferences. His articles have appeared in numerous business publications, including DM Magazine, Target Marketing, DM, Direct, BMA, and Interactive Marketing Journal. His previous books have included The Master Marketer and Virtual Marketing.

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