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 Books by Jeffery Dobkin 

Successful, Low Cost Direct Marketing Methods

A handbook of highly effective marketing and direct marketing methods

If you have an idea or product to market, you’ve come to the right book.  This manual is magic. It shows you step-by-step one of the most effective ways to market a product with little money. No experience is necessary. And no selling phone calls are needed—ever.

Chapter Highlights

Marketing. How and where to find markets using easy-to-use resources found in libraries. Analyzing market size, entrance barriers, penetration  options. Marketing through magazines. includes the incredible ONE EVENING marketing plan: Do all your marketing in a single evening! See page 198. Analysis of the different magazine directories & marketing resources.

Catalog Campaign. How to find and assess catalogs. How to get your products into catalogs.

Direct Mail. Almost 100 pages showing how to create your own successful campaigns and mailings. Facts, figures, examples and explicit, detailed instructions, list selection, creative, format, letters, copy, offer, tone, price, analysis.

PR. Writing and media selection. Help with every aspect of creating and  sending press releases, focus on increasing your chances of getting  published in magazines and newspapers and getting response. Includes the  ONE EVENING PR Plan: Figure out and execute our entire PR plan in a single evening. See page 201.

Advertising. From the traditional to direct. Creating ads, selecting media, choosing an agency, plus buying space at discount. Placing ads with the best possible chance of success, the first time.

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Uncommon Marketing Techniques

Learn thousands of Direct Marketing inside secrets, hints, tips and tricks! Practical, real-life lessons in marketing and direct marketing! No history. No theory. Just low-cost marketing methods you can use right NOW. Make your marketing faster, easier, more effective—yet lower your costs. Includes over 33 of Jeffrey Dobkin's most often requested "How-to" articles on small business marketing and direct marketing.

Incredible Trade Secrets Revealed! Over 33 completely independent chapters—start anywhere!

Magazine Publishers Hate Me
Exactly how to buy magazine ad space at a discount! Get an additional 20%, 50%, 70% off the price of your next ad. Learn the specifics of exactly what to say—and when! The magazine publishers never tell you this. How to Create your own Great Ad—or get one you like from an agency, the first time. How to select an Ad Agency. What questions to ask about pricing. How to spot a bad deal—or a bad agency. The advertising agencies never tell you this! How to Create a winning direct mail package. Learn how to increase your direct mail response 4, 5, maybe 10 times with a few simple tricks. Explicit directions with examples included! Getting your press release into print. How to write a great release. Then, learn how to increase your chance of getting your press release published from 5% to 85% with these incredibly easy techniques.


  • How to Find the Markets for Your Invention
  • The Most Valuable Letter you Can Write!
  • Increase Your Ad Response 10 Times!
  • The 13 Fastest Ways to Get Business Right Now!
  • How to Write a Small Classified Ad
  • The One-Evening Marketing Plan. Incredible!
  • The Best Campaign I Ever Wrote!

From Jeffrey Dobkin, author of the best selling book How to Market a Product For Under $500! Over 2,000,000 people read Jeffrey Dobkin's how-to articles on direct marketing. Reason: He cuts right through abstract theory and presents practical, USEFUL information.

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How to Market a Product for Under $500!

This Book Will Make Your marketing  EASIER, FASTER, and CHEAPER than ever!

In a few nights of easy reading, learn the INSIDE SECRETS of DIRECT MARKETING!

Make Your Marketing 2x, 5x, 10 TIMES as effective and yet LOWER the COST!

Buy this book today - use these low cost techniques by this weekend!

A great reference tool and an unbelievable marketing guide for small businesses! Over 400 pages jam-packed with in-depth direct marketing information. Make your marketing 2x, 5x, 10 times as effective and yet LOWER the cost. Shows you how to create effective low-cost campaigns easily. Find new markets effortlessly. Test new markets at almost no cost. Increase the effectiveness of any campaign, guaranteed. No theory. No history. Plenty of samples and examples. Over 2-1/2 lbs. of lean marketing how-to information.

Specific how-to information you can put to use right now to launch a product, or make your current marketing even more effective AND AT A LOWER COST. An easy and fast plan you can work yourself or with limited help. Explicit how-to instructions are not about marketing, but exactly HOW TO market in traditional and non-traditional marketing methods. You never learned this stuff in college!

Find Out How To…

  • FIGURE OUT - and write - your entire marketing/publicity plan in one evening. Impossible? Here's how! Page 211
  • EXECUTE your publicity campaign in entirety the next day? By Yourself? Easy! Page 216
  • INCREASE the chance your press release will be published - from 5% to 85%. Page 26
  • HOW TO get your product in catalogs: the campaign. Page 135
  • Best months to advertise, WORST MONTHS to advertise - the magazine publishers never tell you this! Page 258
  • When DEFINITELY NOT to use long copy. Page 78
  • Learn exactly when envelope teaser copy will spell DEATH to your mailing package. Page 88
  • Analysis of your Library's: BEST marketing reference guides - and how to use each one. Page 117
  • Your press release - read this and you'll NEVER write an ineffective press release again! Page 12
  • Revealed: See the SECRET PROCESS editors really use to select press releases. Page 20
  • Are you getting the LOWEST AD RATE? Page 245 The best ad position? Here's how - step by step. Page 254
  • Increase the effectiveness of your ad - BY 10 TIMES! Page 279
  • HOW TO determine in which magazines to place ads. Page 264
  • HOW TO Write an effective headline. Page 280
  • The Second MOST IMPORTANT line in your ad. Page 287
  • Correct the GREATEST MISTAKE made in direct marketing. Your company does this too! Page 337
  • The most EFFECTIVE part of any direct mail package. Page 54
  • NO BUDGET? Don't worry; you don't need one! Page 161
  • NO LITERATURE? You don't need it. Really. Page 348
  • Get an ad you like out of an ad agency, THE FIRST TIME. Page 320

Ordering information here:

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