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 The 3D Direct Mail Sales Explosion System  

3D Direct Mail Sales Master Kit

Watch Your Direct Mail Results Explode Using 3D Techniques!

If you're a company that has lower-volume direct mail needs, say 5,000 piece mailings or less, there is no better way for your sales results to skyrocket than by using 3D Direct Mail techniques. What some call 'lumpy mailings.

You're mailing list aside, one of the key factors for direct mail success is being able to break through all the mail clutter and stand out from the competition. Your competition being both the people that provide similar services as you, and also all the other flat promotions that people are bombarded with day in and day out.

3D mailings are a proven method for getting you noticed and remembered.

Who is best suited for 3D Direct Mail?

Here's just a few types of businesses that can use 3D Direct Mail:

- Accountants
- Advertising Agencies
- Automobile Dealers
- Barbers and Beauty Salons
- Boat Dealers
- Call Centers
- Carpenters
- Chiropractors
- Copywriting Services
- Court Reporters
- Dentists
- Direct Mail Agencies
- Electricians
- Fulfillment Centers
- Handymen
- Home and Office Cleaners
- Janitorial Services
- Landscapers and Lawn Service
- Lawyers and Law Firms
- Manufacturers, Fabricators, and Job Shops
- Marketing Consultants
- Medical Service Providers
- Men's Shops
- Pet Clinics and Veterinarians
- Plumbers
- Printers
- Rental Stores
- RV and Travel Trailer Dealers
- Sign Makers
- Speakers
- Store Fixture Suppliers
- Tailors
- Travel Agents
- Web Developers
- Women's Boutiques

3D Direct Mail is great for any company that needs to reach previous clients and bring them back, or for prospecting for new customers. Whether you need to mail just a few pieces or a few thousand, 3D direct mail will work for you.

3D Direct Mail makes the recipient feel special. As if you did this just for them. People are eager for a ‘personal’ approach to marketing. They don’t want to be part of the masses.

3D Direct Mail Ensures that Your Direct Mail Gets Opened and Read...
Resulting in More Sales and Profits for Your Business

The 3D Direct Mail Sales Explosion System is an all inclusive direct mail brain storming and master marketing kit. Everything you need for producing an unlimited number of hard hitting direct mail packages that will increase your results.

This newly updated Deluxe 3D Mail Sales Explosion System includes absolutely everything you need in two (2) HUGE, 5 inch notebooks; filled with 139 proven sales letter samples for you to use directly or modify to your specific needs using 3D items.

Included are letters for prospecting new clients, letters to existing clients, upgrade and cross-selling, lost client reactivation and generating referrals. All the hard work has been done for you. (The sales letters also come on a CD in MS Word format and are easily customized to your specific needs.)

You also get one sample of each of the 3D Mail items available for direct mail use. 27 in total. (Possibly more if we have new ones available.)

- Army Man
- Bank Bag Mailer
- Boomerang
- Brain
- Bug
- Car
- Compass
- Dice
- Fish
- Foreign Banknote
- Fortune Cookie
- Frog
- Goo-Goo Eyes
- Magnifying Glass
- Message in a Bottle Mailer
- Million Dollar Bill
- Pacifier
- Peanuts
- Pill Bottle Mailer
- Round TUIT
- Sand Timer
- Silver Platter
- Socks
- Trash Can Mailer
- Treasure Chest Mailer
- Whoopee Cushion
- X-Ray

You can touch them, feel them, hold them, check them out to see which ones will work best for your business.

Remember, also included is a complete MS Word "Swipe File" CD containing 139 real direct mail sales letters for you to use. All completely written and ready to implement! Sales letters that will get your clients and prospects to respond and order, creating near instant cash flow. All you need to do his hit ‘print’ in Microsoft Word. It’s that easy. All the hard work has been done for you.

You also get precise information and specifications for planning and using each one of these 3D items effectively. You get multiple sample letters for each item, item weights, approximate postal costs, envelope needs when required, strategic letter folding and insertion... It's all here to make it easy for you.

Also included are 6 Special Reports to help make you a better direct mail marketer!

1.) Why 3D Mail Gets Such Great Results: This covers all the basic “in’s and out’s” of using 3D Mail, how to use it properly for maximum success, and why you should be testing 3D Mail throughout your direct mail campaigns.

2.) The Top Thirteen Mistakes in Preparing a Sales Letter: When you sit down to write a letter using 3D Mail, you won’t make the same mistakes we see time and time again when reviewing and critiquing work from our clients. This report will keep you from making these common mistakes.

3.) Why Premiums/Free Gifts Out Perform Discounts and Rebates: This report explains how you can use Free Gifts withOUT having to discount or rebate your products/services. Using the right free gift will cost you less than discounting, and it will drive added sales to your business.

4.) The Evolution of a $10,000,000.00 Direct Mail Campaign: This is the “life-line” of a ultra-successful direct mail campaign that's been used since 1993 to get a constant flow of new clients. You’ll see every split-test, every tweak, every headline used, every nuance and progression of every letter sent and tested over the past 17 years. Truthfully, this series of letters has been worth way more than $10 MILLION, but I honestly don’t think you’d believe me if I told you how many sales this one series of letters is responsible for creating. This is 17 years of direct mail testing, already done for you.

5.) Copywriting to Sell Any Product or Service: The greatest 3D Mail in the world is worthless unless you know how to put words on paper that sell. This report will guide you through the copywriting process, so you don’t miss a thing. Do you have an irresistible offer? Do you have a deadline? A guarantee? How do you craft them? This report will answer those questions.

6.) 350 of the Best Headlines of All Time and The 25 Best Fill-In-The-Blank Headlines: Headlines are without a doubt, the most important part of any sales message. The best ones have been around for years. They are tested and proven, so why reinvent the wheel?

Once you start using this system, you will unleash the power 3D Mail can have on your business. Seasonal slumps can be a thing of the past. Your competition will wonder what you're doing to bring in so much business in these current economic conditions. And guess what? They won’t have a clue what you're doing...that’s what's so great about direct mail.

No other media available allows you to select and choose exactly who sees your marketing messages. You can completely exclude your competition. Could you imagine being able to put blinders on your competition so they can’t copy-cat your website, yellow pages ads, display ads, and your TV or radio spots? If they’re paying attention, they’re bound to see them. But not your direct mail. YOU choose who sees it, and you can completely black out your competition. You can create a competition free zone one mailbox at a time.

Extra Special: When you order the 3D Direct Mail Sales Explosion Kit you will receive a 30 minute One-on-One 3D Mail Coaching Session by phone with John Schulte, direct mail expert and president of the NMOA.

The entire package is only $247.00 plus S&H. Less than you would pay for just one direct mail sales letter if you hired a junior copywriter.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as PayPal.

Click here to order the 3D Direct Mail Sales Explosion System at the discounted price of just $247.00 plus $19.99 S&H for lower 48 states for a total of just $266.99

Or, for Alaska, Hawaii and International orders click here to order: Alaska, Hawaii and International Orders with $49.99 S&H.
for a total of just $296.99

As Always, Your Complete Satisfaction is Guaranteed by the National Mail Order Association, NMOA


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