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Hispanic Direct Marketing: Techniques & Best Practices 


Get the Marketerís Perspective on Hispanic Direct Marketing!

Hispanic Direct Marketing: Techniques & Best Practices will provide you with current benchmarks and best practices on the use of direct marketing methods for reaching the Hispanic audience.

This report contains expert analysis on Hispanic marketing. PSA and Zubi Advertising partnered with the DMA on this project. They draw on their expertise and experience to provide insight into the findings.

Youíll gain valuable insight into Hispanic marketing campaigns. Topics include:

* Spanish-Language Promotions
* Geographic Locations to Which Hispanic Promotions Are Sent
* Channel Use, Practices, and Effectiveness
* The Use of Segmentation and Its Effectiveness
* How Consumers Are Contacted and Types of Data Collected

Plus, youíll find answers to your most pressing questions, including:

* What promotions are most common among marketers who promote to Hispanics? (Spanish vs. English vs. bilingual promotions?)
* Which types of promotions are viewed as effective in increasing response?
* Are Hispanic direct marketing promotions geared to the Hispanic culture and lifestyle? Do marketers create different versions of their promotions for different Spanish dialects?
* Which direct marketing channel is most often used in Hispanic marketing?
* Do Hispanic marketers tailor their messages to Hispanic audiences when using new media channels?
* Which DM channels are considered to effectively increase response?
* And much more!

Tap into increased response, revenue, and loyalty from Hispanic consumers with this comprehensive research.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as PayPal.

Order Hispanic Direct Marketing: Techniques & Best Practices for just $240.00 plus $24.95 FedEx Shipping


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