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Newly Improved Landing Page Optimization Services for Online Marketers Launched by SiteTuners
Best-Performing Landing Page Designs Produce Verifiably Higher Conversion Rates in the Shortest Period of Time
New Payment Option Allows Companies to Make Higher Profits Without Any Upfront Costs
SAN DIEGO, CA -  - SiteTuners, a landing page testing company, today announced its enhanced DesignTuning (sm) services for improving website profitability through landing page optimization and tuning. This improved service enables online marketers to significantly increase the profitability of their customer acquisition programs.
As profit margins are squeezed from increased advertising competition, online marketers are planning  substantial spending increases for website revamps (39 percent), and custom landing pages (27 percent), according to industry research. Every site owner wants to create better performing sites, but may not have the
expertise or bandwidth to accomplish this in-house.
Responding to this market need, the SiteTuners' DesignTuning services provides a choice of testing technologies ranging from simpler A-B Split Testing and Multivariate Testing (also known as the Taguchi Method), to its proprietary TuningEngine(sm) for very large-scale engagements.
SiteTuners improved the conversion rate of our site by a stunning 40 percent with its exclusive TuningEngine
technology, said Charlie Silver, CEO of These results were achieved using a large amount of
data and were statistically rock-solid. The SiteTuners optimization resulted in a $3,285,000 annual profit
improvement for
SiteTuners can optimize the efficiency of landing pages with four new service offerings, tailored to the clients needs:
- Full Service Engagements - SiteTuners performs full-service conversion tuning, handles everything, and
produces the best possible results for site owners.
- Test Plan Development - SiteTuners designs the test elements and procedures and clients implement the test
- Conversion Consulting - Clients can improve their own conversion rates with SiteTuners expert usability
reports and site reviews. Engagements are priced as a flat fee or hourly billing, depending on the scope of
- Technology Licensing - Clients license SiteTuners proprietary TuningEngine technology to run larger and
faster tests on their own. TuningEngine runs 1000x larger tests on the same available website traffic and
considers variable interactions, producing substantially faster and better results than other testing methods. Licensing is on a flat fee basis per engagement. Discounts are available for multiple engagements.
Online marketers can now choose the level of services that is appropriate for them, said Tim Ash, president
of SiteTuners. As a Google Website Optimizer Authorized Consultant, we can now support smaller testing engagements in addition to our industry-leading large test capabilities.
SiteTuners also offers new flexible payment options for DesignTuning including a fixed flat rate and pure pay
for performance -- allowing companies to make higher profits without financial risk or upfront costs. If the
SiteTuners engagement does not improve performance, the client pays nothing.
Payment options include:
- Pure Performance - Fees paid depend completely on the value of the conversion rate improvements that
SiteTuners creates. Client pays a percentage of the profit improvement up to a preset cap.
- Hybrid - Client pays a small setup fee regardless of the results achieved. An additional success bonus may
also be applicable based on the results of the engagement.
- Flat fee - Client pays a fixed amount for the engagement regardless of the results achieved. The fee
depends on the complexity and scope of the engagement.
SiteTuners is the only major conversion testing company to offer a put our money where our mouth is
guarantee, Ash added. SiteTuners handles all of the work for our clients, so that they experience minimal
impact on staffing and do not need any specialized knowledge of conversion testing or statistics.
For a free whitepaper entitled Conversion Tuning Overview, visit or to request a for complimentary telephone consultation from SiteTuners, visit
About SiteTuners:
SiteTuners delivers the best-performing alternative landing page design with a verifiably higher conversion
rate. With its proprietary TuningEngine technology, SiteTuners runs 1000x larger tests on the same
available website traffic and considers variable interactions, producing much faster and better results
than alternative testing methods. SiteTuners offers a choice of payment options including pay for performance
-- allowing companies to make higher profits without financial risk or upfront costs. It also handles all of
the work, with minimal impact on clients staff since there is no need for conversion testing or statistical
knowledge. SiteTuners is an operating division of Epic Sky, Inc., a privately held company headquartered in
San Diego, California. For more information, visit
DesignTuning, TuningEngine and SiteTuners are service marks or trade marks of Epic Sky, Inc.
All other trade marks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.


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