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New Media Influences African Americans and Hispanics More Than Whites for Product Purchases

Home Improvement, Grocery, Telecom, and Apparel Purchases at the Top of the List

Just when marketers thought it couldn't get any more difficult targeting ad dollars,
African Americans and Hispanic consumers are adopting new media as an influence on
their purchases, according to BIGresearch's spring (May/June) Simultaneous Media
Survey (SIMM VI) of 14,847 respondents.

A higher percentage of African Americans and Hispanics than Whites say new media,
such as blogging, instant messaging, and picture phones have an influence on their
purchase decisions for Home Improvement, Grocery, Telecom, and Apparel, among
other categories.

"The mobility of many new media options appears to suit the multitasking lifestyles of
African Americans and Hispanics more than Whites," said Joe Pilotta, PhD, V.P.
Research for BIGresearch. "These media represent an extension of word of mouth and
pose a serious challenge that marketers will have to deal with," said Pilotta.

Please tell us which of the following media influence your...

Home Improvement Purchases    Americans     Hispanics       Whites
==========================    =========     =========     =========
Picture Phone                    2.6%          4.2%          1.4%
Instant Messaging                3.3%          5.1%          1.5%
Blogging                         2.4%          3.8%          1.5%

Grocery Purchases             Americans     Hispanics       Whites
==========================    =========     =========     =========
Picture Phone                    3.7%          4.7%          1.5%
Instant Messaging                3.5%          6.1%          2.4%
Blogging                         3.6%          4.4%          1.8%

Telecom Purchases             Americans     Hispanics       Whites
==========================    =========     =========     =========
Picture Phone                    5.4%          5.2%          2.4%
Instant Messaging                5.2%          5.6%          2.4%
Blogging                         4.6%          4.7%          2.0%

Apparel/Clothing Purchases    Americans     Hispanics       Whites
==========================    =========     =========     =========
Picture Phone                    3.4%          4.5%          1.3%
Instant Messaging                4.2%          5.2%          1.8%
Blogging                         3.5%          4.1%          1.7%

"In any media plan, influence needs to be factored in to improve advertising ROI. 
The early adoption of new consumer-controlled media as a purchase driver by African 
Americans and Hispanics will disrupt traditional media plans as it shifts even more power 
to consumers from marketers. By creating a mobile shopping environment wherein a 
conference among a social network may result in a purchase on the spot, long term 
advertising effects may also be diminished," said Pilotta. 

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About BIGresearch 

BIGresearch is a market intelligence firm providing analysis of consumer behavior in areas of retail, financial services, automotive, and media. The syndicated Simultaneous Media Usage Survey (SIMM) monitors more than 12,000 consumers twice each year to identify opportunities in a fragmented and changing marketplace including the media. 

BIGresearch's methodology provides the most accurate consumer information in the industry with a margin of error of +/- 1 percent. Complimentary findings are available at 


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