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Marketing to Seniors...Statistics

Older Americans Month: May 2007

A meeting with the National Council of Senior Citizens resulted in President Kennedy designating May 1963 as "Senior Citizens Month," asking the nation to pay tribute in some way to older people across the country.
In 1980, President Carter’s proclamation changed the name to "Older Americans Month," a time to celebrate those age 65 and older through ceremonies, events and fairs.

36.8 million
The number of people 65 and older in the United States on July 1, 2005.
This age group accounted for 12 percent of the total population. Between
2004 and 2005, this age group increased by 457,000 people.

86.7 million
Projected population of people 65 and older in 2050. People in this age
group would comprise 21 percent of the total population at that time.

Projected percentage increase in the 65-and-older population between 2000
and 2050. By comparison, the population as a whole would have increased by
only 49 percent over the same period.

495 million
Current world population 65 and older. Projections indicate the number will
increase to 997 million by 2030.
< >

Income and Wealth

Median 2005 income of households with householders 65 and older, up 2.8
percent, in real terms, from the previous year.

Poverty rate for people 65 and older in 2005, statistically unchanged from
the previous year. There were 3.6 million seniors in poverty.

Percentage of total annual personal income of people 65 and older in 2001
that came from Social Security payments.

Median net worth for families in 2004 whose head was between 65 and 74. For
those whose head was 75 or older, the corresponding figure was $163,100. < > (2007 edition, Table No. 702)

Serving Our Nation

9 million
Estimated number of people 65 and older who are military veterans.
(Source: 2005 American Community Survey)


5.3 million
Number of people 65 and older who were in the labor force in 2005.
Projections indicate that by 2014, the number will reach 8.7 million.
< >, (2007 edition, Table No. 574)


Proportion of people 65 and older in 2005 with at least a high school
(Source: 2005 American Community Survey)

Percentage of the population 65 and older in 2005 who had earned a
bachelor's degree or higher. (Source: 2005 American Community Survey)

7.3 million
Number of people 66 and older taking adult education courses. About 8
percent of all lifelong learners are in this age group.
< >, (2007 edition, Table No. 294)

Number of people 65 and older enrolled in regular school (specifically,
high school or college) in October 2005.

Marital Status

Percentage of people 65 and older who were married with spouse present in
(Source: 2005 American Community Survey)

Percentage of widowed people 65 and older in 2005.
(Source: 2005 American Community Survey)


Percentage of citizens 65 and older registered to vote in the 2004
presidential election. Seventy-one percent of citizens in this age group
reported actually casting a ballot. <

Of all the votes in the 2040 presidential election, the projected
percentage to be cast by people 65 and older. In the 2004 election, people
in this age group cast 19 percent of the votes. <
and <

Proportion of householders 65 and older in 2006 who owned their homes. This
compares with 43 percent for householders at the other end of the age
spectrum -- younger than 35. < >

Percentage of the nation’s business owners who are 65 and older.

Population Distribution


The number of men 65 and older on July 1, 2005, for every 100 women in this
age group. For those 85 and older, it drops to 46 men per 100 women.
< >

5.1 million
The number of people 85 and older in the United States on July 1, 2005. < >

Estimated number of centenarians in the United States on Nov. 1, 2006.
< >

Projected number of centenarians in the United States in 2040. < >

3.9 million
Number of people 65 and older living in California on July 1, 2005, the
highest total of any state. Florida, with 3 million, was the runner-up.
< >

Projection of the percentage of Florida's population age 65 and older in
2015, which would lead all states. In that year, Florida would have nearly
as many residents 65 and older as younger than 18. < >, (2007 edition, Table No. 22)

Percentage of households with a householder 65 and older who owns a motor
vehicle. About 3 percent of these households have three or more cars.
< >, (2007 edition, Table No. 965)

Some mailing lists for reaching Seniors

Kiplinger's Retirement Report

This mostly male audience (70%) includes active paid subscribers to the Retirement Report. With an average age of 64 years, these seniors are interested in estate planning, retirement living, health, and also tips on fitness, travel and legal issues important to seniors. A nice unit of sale for a paid publication, these prospects have spent about $60 for their subscriptions. Direct mail sold. Active Paid Universe is 66,000 priced at $140/M. There are an additional 35,000 expired names to mail at $95/M.

Lane Bryant Catalog Grandparents

There are about 77,000 monthly buyers on this file. These direct mail sold catalog shoppers who are ALSO Grandmothers-- women (98% female) who buy larger sizes (12-44W). These direct responders spend about $76 on average, making these the quintessential catalog shopping grandma's. Last 12 month Buyer Grand Mothers 394,446 rented at $110/M. Last 13-24 Month Buyer average 110,000 additional prospects.

Lenox Collections Seniors

Direct mail and space buyers of figurines, ornaments and animal sculptures who have spent about $55 through the mail. These are mostly women (74%) and include almost 900,000 total buyers. Last 12 Month buyers total 230,000 records and are priced at $120/M.

The New York Times Senior Subscribers

Reach high-spending well-read seniors with the New York Times Large Print Edition. This is a great prospect list for books, music, DVD, and travel offers. These are DIRECT TO PUBLISHER responders who spend an incredible $480 on average. 47% male and 37% female there are 1.3 Million names available including active and recent expired subs. Active Large Print Edition Subscribers is 500,000 priced at $135/M 40,000 NEW monthly subscribers available at $151/M

Amity's Senior Age - New Movers

Reach the new senior market. These are 12 Month movers who are age 55+ years. You can select new home buyers, renters, and can reach 25,000 new movers each month. Last 12 Month New Movers 550,000 records nationwide offered at $80/M

Highways Magazine/The Good Sam Club

Discounts on merchandise, auto and help insurance, trip routing and credit car protection are just a few of the benefits of membership in the Good Sam Club. These members are mostly men (75%) and travel the US highways in motor homes, trailers and fifth wheel owners. Their subscription to Highways Magazine offers discounts, emergency road service; local and national club activities. With NEW members each month, this is a great for travel and leisure offers. These are direct mail responders with an average sale of $25. There are 850,000 Active Members and subscribers available for $105/M

AmityDirect Senior Citizens File

Reach these US households for senior market age 60 to 76+ years. We have 30 Million households. These are senior citizens by age. You can select by zip code, county, metro, state, or nationwide. Select by 2 year age increments. $50/M ADD $15/M for exact age.

For additional “Senior” lists, pricing and mailing recommendations, contact NMOA
advisor Jerry Mamola at: Phone 732-833-4334 for personal and consultive help.


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