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Bob Westenberg's IMP is proven marketing tool...
here's how you can put it to work for you!

Today you receive more information in one month than
your grandparents did in their entire lifetimes!

Look at your mail. Have you ever seen less creative, dull stuff...
or more of it?

IMP gets through "mail glut." And it gets read. People get hooked on it. I
have a hard time getting readers off the mailing list. Once they get it,
they want to keep on getting it.

If you've ever thought you should send "something" to keep your
customers/prospects thinking about you, try an IMP of your own.

IMP makes regular, cordial contacts, ending up with your gentle (or not so
gentle) sales nudge. It does more than "keep in touch." It gets business for
you if you send it consistently. You get the prestige of being its creator,

It's not an overnight thing. But if you send it regularly, you'll get
business month after month and year after year. Because IMP will eventually
get through to x-number of the people you send it to.

You don't have to call yours IMP. A car dealer calls his SPARK PLUG. A
publisher, SALES BRIEFS. A glass company, REFLECTIONS. We can use a
title that "fits" for you, and use clip art to make it uniquely yours. (If I have
clip art that will work for you, it's "on me.")

Use it for writing short notes to people or to request catalogs or
information. Enclose it with correspondence, billing and statements. (I even
use IMP as my business card. Receptionists often ask for a copy of their
own. That never happened with the "usual" business card.)

And you save on postage, IMP costs just 23 to send first class. When I send
mine, I always jot personal or sales messages on the address side of some.

My IMP is now in its 14th year. Nothing I've ever done generated more
business. As the old marketing philosophy says, "Find out what people like,
and do more of it. Find out what they don't like, and do less of it." They
sure do like IMP!

You'll look a long time before you'll find a better, more productive
business-getter and good-will builder.

If you would like to try the IMP for promoting your business, let me know, and
I will help you do it cost effectively. Including writing it for you.

Contact me for a free sample of my IMP!

Bob Westenberg
Copywriter/Consultant/Fund Raiser
95 Devil's Kitchen Dr.
Sedona, AZ 86351
(520) 284-1111 Fax: (520) 284-2390

About Bob Westenberg.
Bob is one of the best copywriters there is. His is the Four-time winner - Leader Award, Dir. Marketing Assn.
- Dartnell Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Business Letter Writing, and one of his letters is
included in "The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time," Richard Hodgson, Dartnell Corporation.

Some of his clients include:
Norman Vincent Peale
Boardroom Reports
Disabled American Veterans
Alice Lloyd College
Marketshare Publications
Northwestern College
Maryknoll Fathers
Word, Inc.
Cumberland College
Solar Press
Hughes Communications
Am. $ociety of Divorced Men
Pioneer Clubs
College of the Ozarks
Good Samaritans
Butterfield Youth Services
Media Management
The Upper Room
David C. Cook Foundation
Scoville Press
Kentucky Christian College
Alzheimer's Research

Learn about Bob's book on copywriting here:


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