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PLEASE NOTE: This is a retyped version of the original 4-page letter, mailed in 1973 along with a 16-page

4/color brochure, 6-page 2/color brochure, order form, and BRE, in a 9Ēx12Ē outer envelope, all written by

Stan Holden. The direct mail package brought in mail order sales of $20 million (thatís like $80 million today!).

Judged on both sales results and creativity, it won the Direct Marketing Associationís highest award, the

coveted Gold Mailbox. The letter is featured in two books: The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time

(published by Dartnell) and Worldís Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters (NTC Books). Holden is available for

copywriting projects via Guru and via


(Hewlett-Packard letterhead)

This little card   (Illustration of program card)

enables you to solve even extremely complex,

lengthy or repetitive problems in seconds


 Öwhen you feed it through the first and only

fully-programmable pocket calculator!

        Introducing: The HP-65 Personal ďComputerĒ


Imagine a "computer" that fits in your pocket! Imagine that itís no bigger than

-- and looks very much like -- an ordinary pocket calculator...but doesnít cost

very much more! Now imagine this miniature marvel in your hands, as you try it

out for 15 days and cut your problem-solving time down to seconds!


But why imagine? Now -- thanks to Hewlett-Packardís newest state-of-the-art

technology -- there is a pocket-sized "computer"...the HP-65!


                                    Just like a computer, itís fully programmable.

                                    And it uses computer logic to solve even

                                    extremely complex, lengthy or repetitive problems

                                    in seconds Ė anywhere, anytime Ė at the touch

                                    of a few keys!


No, this personal "computer" doesnít use tiny little reels of tape or miniature

keypunch cards. It uses small (approximately 1/2" x 3") magnetic cards. Each

card can store a program -- a sequence of keystrokes -- up to 100 steps long.

And, if additional steps are needed to handle an unusually long program, you can

do it in stages.)


                           To insert a program into the HP-65, just run a pre-

                  recorded program card through it. All it takes is

                  two seconds! The information from the card is

                  duplicated in the HP-65ís program memory, where it

                  remains for as long as you leave your personal

                  "computer" turned on.


To solve a problem, just feed in the known data by pressing a few keys on the

HP-65ís own keyboard. No other equipment is needed. Then start the program

                                                                                                                                                  (over, please)


running. In seconds, the HP-65 uses computer technology to solve your problem,

with up to 10-digit accuracy. And you can even program it to skip steps or to

select alternate steps -- automatically -- if intermediate solutions dictate

such action! It couldnít be easier...or faster!

Actually, the HP-65 is three ďanswer machinesĒ in one:

1. It operates on pre-recorded program cards

   (available from Hewlett-Packard)...


2. It operates on cards you program yourself

   (and you donít have to learn "computer language")...


3. Itís also an advanced scientific pocket

   calculator (with numerous built-in functions that

   may be incorporated into a program or used



Whichever way you use the HP-65, youíll be amazed at how much time and effort it

saves you, and how it helps to reduce computational errors.


                   Equally important, it enables you to handle complex,

                   lengthy or repetitive problems that would be

                   inconvenient, difficult or time-consuming to handle

                   without using devices many times larger, much more

                   expensive and nowhere near as portable as your

                   personal "computer."


Because it operates on rechargeable batteries as well as on AC, the HP-65 can be

used literally anywhere -- at a meeting, out in the field, up in a plane, down in

a mine -- wherever your work takes you. It delivers the answers you need the

minute you need them -- not hours or days later.


What makes the HP-65 even more incredible is that itís easy to operate! It can be

used even by persons who know absolutely nothing about computers (or about

calculators, for that matter). The illustrated Ownerís Handbook clearly explains

every detail, and the Quick Reference Guide offers a how-to-do-it summary.

Briefly, here are the three ways you can use it:

1.  Use it with pre-recorded program cardsÖ

You donít need a scientific or engineering background to benefit from the HP-65ís

capabilities. But letís assume, for the moment, that youíre involved in some

project concerned with the surface area of the human body. Perhaps youíre a

medical technician...a designer of apparatus for astronauts...or a chemist working

on a suntan lotion.


All you need do is take one of the pre-recorded program cards that come with the

HP-65 -- the card labeled "Body Surface Area (Boyd)" -- and feed it through a  

slot on one side of your personal "computer." The information on the card -- the

step-by-step sequence of keystrokes required to solve the problem -- is duplicated


in the HP-65ís program memory.

Next, using the HP-65ís own keyboard, feed in the height and weight of the

particular body youíre measuring.


Now start the program running by pushing a single key on the HP-65.


                  In less time than it takes to read this sentence,

                  the answer youíre seeking will appear on the HP-65ís

                  light-emitting diode (LED) display.


To calculate the surface area of a different body, just feed in that personís

height and weight...and you get the answer just as quickly.


And in case you are a medical technician, and you also want to find out the

cardiac index (the ratio of blood pumped per unit of body surface area),

simply key in the cardiac input, and the HP-65 gives you the additional answer.


                  Dozens of pre-recorded program cards are available...


...and more are on the way. Theyíre packaged in Application Pacs containing

up to 40 cards, and youíll find complete information on them in the literature

accompanying this letter. In addition...


2. You can create your own HP-65 program cards!


No, you donít have to go to computer programming school -- or hire someone who

did. You donít even have to learn "computer language," or invest in accessory

hardware. All you need to write and record your own program is your HP-65, a

pencil, some paper, and one of the blank program cards supplied.


Simply prepare a step-by-step sequence of the HP-65 keys you would press to solve

your particular problem. If you wish, this program can include conditional tests,

skips or other techniques (all of which are clearly explained in the Ownerís



Turn on the HP-65, press the appropriate keys in sequence, and run a blank card

through the machine to record the program.


                  And thatís all you do!


You may use the card again and again, whenever you need it, to cut problem-

solving time down to seconds and reduce the possibility of keystroke errors.

You can even edit the card, to change or delete any part of the program. Or you

can erase the card and record an entirely different program on it.


(If you would rather not work out your own program, you may find exactly what

you need among the hundreds of programs -- in a variety of fields -- in the HP-65

Usersí Library. See the literature enclosed.}


By creating your own program cards, or by adapting an existing program to your


                                                                   (over, please)  



own specific needs, you greatly extend the versatility of the HP-65 while -- at

the same time -- you transform it into a highly specialized, truly personal



3. And you can also use the HP-65 as an

  advanced scientific pocket calculator!


Already pre-programmed into the HP-65 are the most commonly used scientific

functions. Included are log and trig functions, the constant for pi, the

conversion of decimal angles to degrees/minutes/seconds, the conversion of

rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates (or vice versa), and numerous

other functions as shown in the enclosed brochure. These built-in functions

may be used independently, or incorporated into any program.


                  So there you have it -- the totally unique

                  three-in-one, pocket-sized personal "computer"

  with the "super power" you need to solve

  just about any problem...anywhere...anytime!


After you read the enclosed literature, you may agree with us that the HP-65 is

pretty fantastic. But only a personal trial can prove how valuable -- how

indispensable -- it can be to you.


                  Thatís why I invite you to try it for 15 days!


See how it can save you hours -- or perhaps days -- of valuable time and effort,

by quickly, easily and accurately solving hundreds of your complex, lengthy or

repetitive problems. And see how it can free you from devices that are many times

larger, much more expensive and nowhere near as portable as your personal



You might expect to pay $2,000 or more for an answer machine as incredible as the

HP-65...but itís only $795.00 (U.S.A. only), complete with accessories as shown in

the literature. And if youíre not absolutely fascinated with owning and using

your own pocket-sized personal "computer," return the HP-65 within 15 days for a full

refund or credit!


With a product this unique, itís possible we may not be able to keep up with

initial demand. Therefore, if you are interested in the HP-65, I strongly suggest

you take advantage of this 15-day trial offer now.




                                                Ray King


                                                Ray King, General Manager

                                                Advanced Products Division

                                                Hewlett-Packard Company


P.S.  If you send for your HP-65 now, youíll receive -- at no extra cost -- a

    yearís subscription to the Usersí Library Catalog of Contributed Programs,

    to greatly extend the usefulness of this personal "computer." Please see

    the enclosed literature for details.


Read Stan Holden's article on how-to write a sales letter: "Want More Sales? Send a Letter!"


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