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Two-Gether Marketing ... with Attitude
by Ray Jutkins

"It's amazing how much my parents learned between my 16th and 21st birthdays."

A quote from Mark Twain. You undoubtedly get the message. We learn more than we know we learn from others. This is part of what I've learned.

Marketing, Direct Marketing and Sales are disciplines that require team work. My phrase for it is "Two-Gether Marketing".

As we must work "Two-Gether". You and me, marketing and sales, outside and inside, the client and supplier.

Here is a list of 16 ideas the ROCKINGHAM*JUTKINS*marketing team follows in working with businesses around the world. Select the ideas that work for you, adopt them or adapt them...and use them as your own.

Idea #1. Listen

Listen to the client. Listen to the customer. Listen to the supplier. Listen to each other.

Others always! know what fits their need. Sure, you can help them reach their goal, their objective. Only if you listen. And understand where they are coming from. Listen and get their message. First.

Idea #2. Be Responsive

After you listen — respond. Do something. Act. Move.

And do it quickly. Positively. Boldly. Show you listened, you understand and you will make something happen. Thinking alone will not produce results. Action is where its at.

Idea #3. Provide Continuity

Get the team "Two-Gether". You get ideas from everyone. So, get everyone together to share.

From this sharing will come a recommendation, a suggestion, a super thought, an outstanding "idea". And your marketing and sales program will be better for it.

Do this inside and outside your organizatiion.

Idea #4. Concentrate

This is tough. The brain works 4 times faster than most people this is tough. To concentrate.

And we have the ability to think much faster than we can read, too. So, concentration is a tough process.

How do you do it? How do you concentrate? Well, you study. You focus. Have direction. Specific direction. A goal in mind. You know what you are doing. You have confidence ... which comes only when you are totally prepared.

Concentration is work. Work at it.

Idea #5. Understand Success

Always know it is your client, your customer who makes the sales. All you do is help.

When your client has success, you enjoy success, too. Yet, the client comes first. Being successful is working "Two-Gether" with others to ensure their success.

Remember, your customer comes first.

Idea #6. Work With People!

First, know everyone you need to know.

Know everyone the client needs you to know. That includes the people in the trenches, too. They may be more important to achievement than those who sign the check.

And understand people make things happen. Not agencies. Not machinery. Only people make things happen. Work with people.

Idea #7. Be Sensitive

It takes two to communicate. Which means asking questions and listening. Followed by a response.

"Two-Gether Marketing" works when communication works.

The message is a dialogue. An exchange. A sharing. And an understanding.

Ask questions. Listen. Respond. Be sensitive to the needs of others.

Idea #8. Charge Fair Fares

There is no such thing as a free lunch. There is a "fair" lunch.

Fees are tough. So, charge what is fair. Enough -- yet, not too much. Give full value for your fare. In fact, give so much value your client returns for more. And more. Again. And again.

Idea #9. Reciprocate

It's easy. Buy and use your clients' and suppliers products and services.

What better way to know what is really happening in the marketplace than to participate in the activity.

To offer even better value and more service, buy something (it can be a small purchase!) from the competition, too. Learn what others are offering — it will make your offer better.

Idea #10. Present Good Ideas

"It's not creative unless it sells."

Know that true creative thinking is getting bottom line profitable results.

Create good ideas — and be prepared to defend them. i.e., do your homework! And, equally so, be prepared to back off when the client says "no thank-you" to your idea.

Remember, "the customer is always right."

Idea #11. Relate

Every day work toward building relationships.

Relationships are like taking a can't do it just once. Making them "happen" is a never ending process. It doesn't just happen. Building ongoing relationships is work. And takes time.

Relate to your customers. To your suppliers. To your team.

Idea #12. Remember People Make Things Happen

Phone and fax and e-mail and overnight delivery are all fine. As long as personal interaction face-2-face also happens.

People make things happen. All the tools do is help. Maybe make the action more efficient — sometimes more effective. Yet, it is still people who really make things happen.

Get the right people with the right people at the right time and in the right place and the right things will happen. Work with people — "Two-Gether".

Idea #13. Be a Good Steward

Every day be a good steward. Watch the money.

Your money. The clients money. Be the good Boy Scout and Girl Scout — Be Prepared. Be prepared fiscally for the inevitable ups and downs of every business.

Idea #14. Let Your Clients & Customers Know You Care

Reach out and touch.

"Hold" your clients hand. Be their teddy bear. Their security blanket. Demonstrate love.

Be there for the good times. And the not so good. Remember names and faces. Birthdays and anniversaries. Always be "there".

Idea #15. Think Always Like a Winner

Think, act, produce like a winner.

And, be realistic, too. Know some things cannot be solved by the most outstanding marketing, direct marketing and sales efforts.

Promise only the value you know you can deliver — and then deliver just a tad more!

Idea #16. Work "Two-Gether"

Know the most important thing is for all people and all things to come "Two-Gether" . . . to work "Two-Gether".

Although it is old and "corny" the ancient sales axiom T.E.A.M. — "Two-Gether" Everyone Achieves More is still true.

And still works.

So, work "Two-Gether". For more efficient and more effective bottom-line results. To reach the goal. To present the supreme value.

And to create the highest level of satisfaction for the client, for the customer.

These 16 principles are as applicable today as the day they were first penned. Use them as your own.

About Ray Jutkins, October 3rd, 1936 — January 6th, 2005. Ray was one of the NMOA’s most generous contributors. Over the years Ray supplied the NMOA with hundreds of tips and articles for members. This is just one of many. Ray worked with B-2-B and Consumer clients throughout the world ... including USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the Middle-East, Central & South America, Africa. Keep an eye out for more of Ray’s marketing tips and how-to articles in the pages of Direct Marketing Digest and the article archive on the NMOA website.

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