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Web Marketing Tactics

Six pages your website should have to increase sales.

Among the thousands of domain name and web services companies throughout the world, why should someone do business with YOU? Gareth Davies of the Internet marketing firm GSNIC ( ) believes that the inclusion of six pages on your website can make the difference. The pages may seem like a no-brainer, but surprisingly many ecommerce companies overlook them or bury them in their site navigation.

1. About Us - Your introductory handshake. Let prospects know your company's story. "Allow people to like you," Davies says. How can you humanize your business online? Tell the story of how your business started, management profiles and even short bios of your employees.

2. Contact Us - Another step in establishing trust. "They want to know where you are and how to get hold of you," Davies advises. In addition to a phone number and physical address, Davies notes you should add the times that your phone will be answered by a live person.

3. Site Map - Can you get to all your important pages within 2 clicks of your home page? If you can't, your prospects can't, and the search engines can't. In addition to helping your prospect find what they want, a site map also optimizes your site for crawling by search engines.

4. Why Buy From Us - This is where you detail the unique qualities and advantages of your business. Do you offer a guarantee? Price matching? 24/7 customer service? Without detailing these advantages, "you leave it to price or chance," adds Davies.

5. Legal Information - Things like Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are usually boring legalese, but instill confidence in your prospects that they are doing business with a bonafide company. They protect you and your customers.

6. Testimonials - In a world of marketing hype, why should your prospects take only your word about your company? Davies asserts client testimonials provide, "a certain level of proof you deliver on your promises" and enables prospects to "picture themselves as your customer."

Davies company makes available a video of their "Six Crucial Pages Your Website Should Have" here, as well as a library of other web marketing videos on such topics as SEO and keyword research on their website.


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