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National Mail Order Association

Direct Marketing Groups

New Direct Marketing Groups are now forming In YOUR area for Networking.

NOTE: This page is no longer being updated!
The New Location for this page is

In an effort to start connecting everyone involved in some form of direct marketing together on a more personal level, the NMOA is creating individual Direct Marketing Networking Clubs in each state of the USA. As things progress, individual city groups will also form.

Face to faceÖ in person networking is still an important component to business and entrepreneurial success, no matter how well the Internet connects us electronically. These new clubs will be your avenue for power networking on a social and personal level.

There is no better way to accomplish your overall business goals and have some fun at the same time than meeting face to face with people of similar interests and goals. Our direct marketing clubs will be for business owners and entrepreneurial minded business people to connect in this manner. There are no other clubs around that fill the networking gap we are working to fill.

To start the ball rolling, we are first organizing members for each state online using groups. We already have 23 new state groups set up, (see below) ready for people to join. If we donít have one set up for your state yet, just let me know so we can get it up.

We are also seeking people in each state to stand up and share leadership roles in your area, and be officers in their state group. If you would like to meet local business people and entrepreneurs in your area, and eventually help plan some networking parties, this is a great chance for it. We know from experience that those that lead benefit from it greatly. The NMOA will help each person in each state to build their local clubs.

So far we have groups created for theses states. Join one today. If your state is not listed, let me know and Iíll have one started in 48 hours.

Alabama Direct Marketing Group:

Alaska Direct Marketing Group:  
Arizona Direct Marketing Group: 
Arkansas Direct Marketing Group: 
California Direct Marketing Group:  
Colorado Direct Marketing Group:

Connecticut Direct Marketing Group:   
Georgia Direct Marketing Group:  
Illinois Direct Marketing Group:  
Indiana Direct Marketing Group:  
Florida Direct Marketing Group:

Louisiana Direct Marketing Group:

Maryland and DC Direct Marketing Group: 
Minnesota Direct Marketing Group: 

Nevada Direct Marketing Group:

New Hampshire Direct Marketing Group:  

New Jersey Direct Marketing Group:  
New York Direct Marketing Group:

North Carolina Direct Marketing Group: 

Ohio Direct Marketing Group: 
Pennsylvania Direct Marketing Group:  

Tennessee Direct Marketing Group:
Texas Direct Marketing Group: 

International Direct Marketing Group

Each of these direct marketing groups also offers you opportunities for promoting your company, asking questions, posting links, and participating in discussions. Join the one for your state today!

To your business success,

John D. Schulte

The New Location for this page is

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