March 11th, 2009

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Introducing Life Learning Devices (LLD)
When you press the top of a Life Learning Device, (LLD) it verbally passes tid-bits of knowledge on anything from motivational quotes, daily devotions and foreign languages to sports trivia, golf facts or studying for SAT exams.

An LLD is an innovative and easier way to receive daily inspiration or expand your wisdom about a favorite hobby or vocation.  Everyday it relays a new jolt of wisdom!

Consistently feed your brain, soul, and desires with the touch of a button.  These Life Learning Devices are an excellent way to motivate your dreams, learn a foreign language, or expand your worldly wisdom about your favorite hobby everyday at the touch of a button.

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4 Surefire Steps to Recession-Proof Your Business
When the economy falls off a cliff like it did in September 2008, is your business going to survive or even thrive? Most companies reacted to the downturn by cutting the usual costs: training, travel, raises, bonuses, headcount and 401(k) matching contributions. The bad news is these kinds of cuts also put employees in a funk that crushes productivity by one-third or more.

Some companies are cutting corners on quality, but customers are even more savvy in a recession. These shortcuts may save a few dollars now, but ultimately they kill the cash cow because your customers will start shopping around.

So how do you cut the red ink without cutting corners or killing the cash cow? Fortunately, there are simple things you can do right now to cut the red ink, build customer loyalty and recession-proof your business. And, since employees may not be as busy as they used to be, now is the perfect time to simplify, streamline and optimize your business.
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10 things every freelance copywriter needs to succeed.
From Bob Bly

Every week, aspiring and newbie copywriters e-mail or call me for help.

Specifically, they want me to send them some piece of paper - a form, letter, document, or contract - I use in my freelance copywriting business....

So they can model or even copy it when creating their own version. In recent years, the 10 most commonly requested items have been my:

1. Offline copywriting fee schedule.
2. Online copywriting fee schedule.
3. Standard client agreement.
4.  Copywriter's information kit.
5. Lead-generating sales letter for my freelance copywriting services (generates a 10% response).
6. Kill fee schedule.
7. Marketing communications audit.
8. Copy manuscript format.
9. Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.
10. Sales lead tracking form.

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You Canít Cut Your Way to Prosperity:
8 Powerful Financials that are Not in Your P&L Reports

Too many organizations are obsessed with their profit and loss reports. It hasnít occurred to them that they might be looking at the wrong numbers. Letís look at some numbers that just might have a bigger impact on the profit and loss, then some of the numbers that are on the reports.

1. Increase the customer sales - what could happen if you were more passionate about increasing the volume of your customer sales as opposed to your number of sales. The president of a company in Utah sponsored educational sessions for his customers to bring them tools and knowledge that would help them grow their own business. His theory was that if he focuses on helping them grow their own business, then his company would grow their business as a result.

2. Reduce the total cost to the customer - A forklift distributor in Los Angeles, who sells and services forklifts to Lowe's, Home Depot, and Costco among others, has adopted this strategy. A customer's forklift operator had run his/her lift into a post, damaging the lift cage. The cage part of the lift was severely bent. The normal action by the technician responding to the call would have been to order a new cage. The cost of this part is substantial, not to mention the labor required to remove the damaged component and install a new one.
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